tax free shopping Amsterdam

Today the summer holidays started in Amsterdam. Dutch people will start travelling to their summer destinations and tourists will visit Amsterdam. We welcome everyone to our beautiful city and wish you a very pleasant stay.

Amsterdam is heaven for those who love shopping, although you have to know where to go. Bonebakker has been selected to be one of the best jewellery shopping destinations by LOST magazine.

At Bonebakker Jeweler we offer a special tax free refund services for non-EU citizens. No commissions are paid and the full 21% VAT will be refunded.



You just arrived in a city you might not have been before. A whole new city to discover. You want to feel the city, go to the places the locals go, taste the culture, smell the traditions, see the newest spots. You want to relax, enjoy, escape and explore. LOST offers you a selection of the very best coffee, art, shop, food, drinks and specials. Made by locals with taste.