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New Messika Care(s) Collection at Bonebakker Amsterdam

Messika Care(s) designed for Charity

Messika has expanded the Messika Care(s), or Messika Cares, collection with 12 new items. Valérie Messika is known for her sparkling creations that give diamonds a rock ‘n’ roll flair. For Valérie, the role of women and their freedom is a key driver. Not only to undertake herself but also as inspiration for her designs. The latest Messika Care(s) jewellery collection further conveys this message.

Messika Cares bracelet and necklace Rose Chalme Bonebakker Amsterdam

Messika Care: the jewelry collection that serves a good cause

The Messika Care(s) collection is extraordinary for artistic director Valérie Messika. The jewellery is closely linked to the charities she supports through her foundation – the Valérie Messika Foundation. Since its launch in 2022, this ‘collection that does good’ has been a great success. To continue this success, 12 new items have been added to the Messika Care(s) collection. The pieces consist of bracelets and necklaces in four new colour combinations: beige and yellow gold, khaki and white gold, cream and rose gold and black and white gold. With their free-moving diamonds as eye-catchers, the bracelets and necklaces are variations on Messika jewellery from the Messika Baby Move and Messika Move Uno collections.

Messika Move uno bracelet Bonebakker Amsterdam

Messika Baby Move en Move Uno

The Messika Move Uno and Baby Move collections are loved for their combination of luxury, playfulness and individuality. The Move Uno collection revolves around a single diamond moving freely in a golden frame. Valérie designed this collection to express the eternal movement of love and light.

Minimalistic and light

The designs are as minimalist as they are sublime, made to be worn every day. In the Messika Baby Move collection, three diamonds move freely in a gold frame. The three sparkling gemstones symbolise the love of all times: that of yesterday, today and tomorrow.n.

Messika Care armband Move Uno Charity pave diamant gg Amsterdam Bonebakker

Messika Care(s) danser Salif Gueye

Messika Care(s): vrijheid als missie

The introduction of the 12 new Messika Care(s) items is supported by ambassadors Salif Gueye and Rose Chalmé.

Salif Gueye started out as a Parisian street dancer but became world-famous overnight after a video went viral in 2018. In this clip, he dances Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk through the streets of Paris. In just five days, the now professional dancer had added 1 million Instagram followers.

France’s Rose Chalmé is conquering the fashion world as a young model.

Messika Paris kaki cord bracelet three diamonds in white gold Bonebakker Amsterdam

Energy, movement and freedom

In the new Messika Care(s) campaign, the two ambassadors represent the energy, movement and freedom that stands for not only the aim of the foundation but also for Messika jewellery with its free-flowing diamonds. Every purchase from the Messika Care(s) collection contributes to the purpose of the Valérie Messika Foundation. The foundation supports organisations that are dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged, especially underprivileged children.

Valérie Messika Foundation

As one of the most successful women in the industry, Valérie also knows gender-specific challenges: “As an entrepreneur and mother, I know how difficult it is to find your place. Traditional social factors still prevail and, unfortunately, many prejudices still exist. With the Valérie Messika Foundation, I want to create more involvement and achieve concrete goals by supporting underprivileged women within their living environment. The education of young girls is one of the keys to emancipation. The foundation aims to contribute to a fairer society, where girls and boys can work on their future without limits.”

Messika Care Collier met diamant Bonebakker Amsterdam


The Valérie Messika Foundation supports organisations working for women and children in the fields of education, culture and health. Through the Valérie Messika Foundation, more than 4,000 hygiene kits were distributed worldwide to the neediest young women in Lebanon in 2022 and 2023. In 2024, the foundation will focus on the Indian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) ‘Plan International’ Saksham programme. This project in the Delhi region aims to create training and fair access to employment for young people in India. For every piece of jewellery sold from the Messika Care(s) collection, €50 will be donated to this NGO through the Valérie Messika Foundation.

Want to try on the new Messika Cares collection for yourself? Discover the Messika jewellery that suits you at Bonebakker Juwelier Amsterdam.

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