Verlovingsring Amsterdam

Bonebakker Bridal Rings Amsterdam

Bonebakker 18kt gold wedding rings trinity with diamonds
Bonebakker 18kt white gold diamond engagement rings and wedding bands
Amsterdam bridal set 18kt white gold and diamonds
Platinum Facette rings by Boucheron

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Key of Amsterdam Collection

Key of Amsterdam Collection {{ vc_btn: title=To+the+webshop&style=flat&shape=square&color=chino&size=sm&align=center&i_align=right&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-chevron-right&add_icon=true& }} Key of Amsterdam Collection by Bonebakker The Key of Amsterdam is Bonebakker Jewelers' signature collection. The Key is closely intertwined with the history of our beloved Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and our Maison itself. The Key of Amsterdam...

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds Coloured diamonds are known as “fancy diamonds”. They are available in an array of colours, tones and saturations – some are certainly more rare than others, but overall coloured diamonds are far more rare than their white counterparts. We love every chance we...

Bonebakker Contemporary Classics

Bonebakker Contemporary Classics Spice up your favorite classic jewelry styles, with variations or touches that still work with any look. They’re called classics for a reason. They are the jewelry styles so timeless they’re the go-to gift for life milestones and the must-haves for every woman’s...