Collection Bonebakker

Bonebakker Jeweler is a name that evokes a sense of style and elegance courtesy of its outstanding range of fine jewelry. An exclusive collection from the jeweler can be viewed at the store in the the erstwhile office of the Director of the Rijksposts Spaarbank, now the famous 5 star Conservatorium Hotel.

The magnificent collection comprises selected pieces from renowned European jewelry houses of both classic and contemporary and ‘red carpet’ styles crafted to appeal to those seeking the best of fine jewelry and haute joaillerie pieces.

Bonebakker Jeweler presents to its customers the Bonebakker Collections that feature classic and contemporary pieces. Many of these collections are based on the rich Bonebakker heritage (since 1792). The ‘City Keys’ from Amsterdam for example or the ‘Crown of the Netherlands’ that has created a significant stir among the rich and famous in the year 1840 and is still used by the Dutch royal family today. These collections are an exemplar of heritage jewelry at its finest.

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Bonebakker takes inspiration from the city’s famous waterways, canals and bridges. The architecture finds a strong resonance in the jewelry collection ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’, thereby paying tribute to the city which is the home of this fine jewelry house.

Although Bonebakker displays contemporary jewelry it remains true to its tradition of selling diamonds and for producing family crest rings to date. The engagement and wedding rings fashioned out of gold and platinum are some of the finest and make an important segment of their collection.

Each piece is lovingly created in its own workshop which is located in the very heart of Amsterdam. The attention to details is telling of a craftsmanship that is at once top-notch and rare making it one of the top jewelry houses across Netherlands and outside.