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Why investing in exclusive gemstones is gaining popularity


Exclusive gemstones, such as rubellite, Paraiba tourmaline, Imperial topaz, alexandrite and Padparadscha sapphire are just a few of the precious gemstones incorporated into the exclusive designs by Bonebakker Jeweller. Not only are rare and exclusive gemstones gaining in popularity alongside the classic diamond, but they are also a good investment. Jannie Iwema goes above and beyond the average jeweller in her search for the most beautiful, unique, and exclusive gemstones. It’s up to our unstoppable passion to find the perfect stone to suit the wearer,’ she says.

‘Rare gemstones have traditionally been used in historic crown jewels,’ explains Jannie. ‘For a while they were considered old-fashioned, but not anymore. We’ve noticed a growing interest in gemstones based on the responses to our collection and the increasing demand for using rare gemstones in bespoke jewellery.’
In addition to unique collections and custom-made designs, natural diamonds remain as popular as ever. ‘Coloured diamonds are also growing in popularity, which is interesting given that these stones are very rare. Like precious gemstones, it’s exciting when we get our hands on a beautiful diamond.’

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Investing in exclusive gemstones

Investing in exclusive gemstones may, therefore, be an excellent idea. Even though, these days, there are plenty of ways to make money through other smart investments. ‘Investing in gemstones is both lucrative and enjoyable because you can actually wear your investment,’ says Jannie. ‘Gemstones are incredibly rare, which makes it hard to find ones that are both beautiful and flawless. When we do, it’s a real catch – especially if they’re discovered before they become popular. Natural gemstones retain their value and can even grow in value because they are beautiful, rare and highly sought-after. In fact, the rarer the gem the more valuable it is. As soon as a gem mine becomes exhausted, the gem’s value increases. Investing in gemstones is also interesting because the stones are tangible, unlike cryptocurrency, for example. They can also be passed down from generation to generation. We are happy to help our clients build their collections and their legacies.’

Exclusive Gemstones, Unique Heritage

Founded in Amsterdam in 1792, Bonebakker is the oldest jeweller in the Netherlands with an impressive reputation that extends far beyond the Dutch borders. Many clients find their way here through word of mouth or already own a Bonebakker piece and want to expand their collection. Bonebakker not only caters to Dutch clients and tourists, but modern technology has also allowed the jeweller to expand their reach to include international clients from all over Europe, the United States and the Arabian Peninsula. The founder, Adrianus Bonebakker, forged swords for the Dutch princess and was commissioned to create a new crown for King William II in 1840. This crown is still worn to this day on special occasions, most recently during the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. This special link to the capital is reflected in the Bridges of Amsterdam collection, designed in 2017 for the 225th anniversary, and in the Key of Amsterdam collection, which was inspired by the city keys created in 1806 for Napoleon. This unique and rich heritage continues to this day.

A bespoke piece

Nearly ten years ago, Bonebakker Juwelier relocated from the Rokin to the Conservatorium Hotel on Van Baerlestraat, in the heart of the Museum Quarter. There, Jannie Iwema continues the iconic history of the Bonebakker jewellery empire by combining her love of jewellery and design with a passion for finding the perfect stone for each client. Jannie graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As head designer, she and her team of experts create new collections and tailor each individual piece to the needs and wishes of the wearer. ‘Our clients want beautiful, rare and precious stones that reflect their personalities and passions,’ says Jannie. ‘They also want to know where the stones come from. We go much further than the average jeweller, searching through our extensive network to find the perfect stone. It’s important to us that the stone reflects the wearer’s personality and makes our client happy both now and for years to come.’

Exclusive couture-atmosphere

Bonebakker boasts a wide range of high-end collections in its stylish salon in the Conservatorium Hotel, as well as online. Some were designed in-house and some were created by renowned jewellery houses. All feature unique pieces inset with precious gemstones and diamonds. The current location was once the office of the director of the Rijkspostspaarbank. The intimate salon with its wood panelling and art nouveau tiles exudes an atmosphere of creativity, exclusivity and couture. It is also an oasis of peace and tranquillity. In this luxurious setting, Jannie and her team welcome clients. Alongside the beautifully presented collections that are available for direct sale, Bonebakker also creates bespoke jewellery on request. This ranges from signet rings, engagement rings and wedding rings to jewellery for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations or the passing of a loved one. It also includes exclusive souvenirs for hotel guests and VIPs. ‘We incorporated the key of Amsterdam into several of our designs,’ says Jannie. ‘These pieces are often given as graduation gifts to remind the wearer of home.’

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Valuable and personal

‘We translate personal stories into unique jewellery pieces. This personal touch makes the piece even more valuable to our clients. We recently designed a men’s ring with a Morse code message in black diamond. It can be challenging to turn a personal message into a piece of jewellery that is wearable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The design has to be beautiful, but it also has to suit the stone. Every time I see a client’s reaction to our final design, I’m reminded of why I do what I do. It’s so rewarding and it’s incredible to be part of someone’s special moment. We love connecting with our clients and their stories and translating these personal experiences into something beautiful. It touches the entire team:
from our in-shop consultants to our designers to our goldsmiths. Clients ideally want to see the personal value of their jewellery reflected in the growing value of the gem.’