Tulip jewelry celebrates Bonebakker Amsterdam’s 230th anniversary

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This year, Tulip jewellery pays tribute to our beautiful Amsterdam jewelry store – the oldest in the Netherlands. In 1792 our founder, Adrianus Bonebakker, bought the Poorterrecht for Amsterdam. That means that our Amsterdam jewelry store rejouces its 230th anniversary this year. And we wouldn’t be Bonebakker if we didn’t celebrate that with a new Dutch Design jewelry collection, which, as you are used to from us, has a special Dutch touch. We are celebrating our 230th anniversary with tulips!

pink tourmaline ring

A famous Dutch song, sung by Herman Emmink, says: ‘When Springtime  arrives, I’ll be bringing you Tulips from Amsterdam’. Bonebakker follows up on that promise. After the Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam, the Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam and the Bonebakker Regalia collection, Bonebakker jeweler is introducing a new, traditional, Dutch jewelry line. The Tulip collection pays a historical tribute to our country and its capital and consists of rings, earrings and necklaces with the tulip motif, made of orange and pink sapphire, tsavorite and diamonds, including one ring with a powerful solitaire tourmaline of 10 carats, set in 18-carat yellow gold. All Tulip Amsterdam  jewelry items are unique pieces and can be completely customized to your liking. The prices are therefore on request.

Poorterrecht in 1792

Our founding date is related to the acquisition of the Poorterrecht. In the time of Adrianus Bonebakker, not everyone could just start a shop. Only if you were a “poorter” of a city, you were allowed to join a guild or start a business. Adrianus Bonebakker became a member of the Amsterdam gold and silversmith’s guild. To pass the “master test,” he made a pair of silver buckles. When he presented these on June 19, 1792, Bonebakker’s workshop was established.

tulip jewelry
Tulip Holland jewelry

Amsterdam jewelry

We are proud of the history and heritage of Adrianus Bonebakker, and of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. That is why we make Dutch jewelry: our collections are an ode to all the beauty that the Netherlands have to offer. With every jewel from the Tulip collection you have a beautiful jewel from Holland, a souvenir of our beautiful country, a gift to yourself or a loved one.

Want to see more of the Tulip jewelery collection? Visit our jewelry store in the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam, or contact us for more information.

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