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Top 10 Colored Gems of Love

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The color of love is… red (or is it?)

Ask any person ‘what is the colour of love?’ and the answer will most certainly be red. Roses are red, hearts are red, and fiery passion is red. You may therefore be surprised that red is not the only colour of love, especially when it comes to gemstones. Therefore, we have compiled a top 10 of Gems of Love.

A timeless choice: Red gems of love

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, your wedding anniversary, love is in the air, any day of the year. And therefore, you may be searching for the perfect gift to express your affection. Here at Bonebakker, we feel that red and pink gems are a timeless choice, representing love, passion, and romance. From vibrant rubies to delicate pink sapphires, these precious stones make for a unique and meaningful gift for your loved one.
Whether set in jewellery or given as a standalone gem, these stones with their vibrant hues are sure to leave a lasting impression. But you know, it’s not only red or pink that makes a lover’s heart beat faster!

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Gem experts

Our personal passion for the beautiful varieties in colour that Mother Nature has to offer has led to a worldwide network of contacts where we source the most radiant, mysterious and valuable gems. Being gemmologists (and colour experts!) ourselves, we value the rarity of certain stones, and we can become very enthusiastic about a beautiful cut or a combination of colours that make these gems stand out even more!

So, consider expressing your love with the gift of a colourful gem, expertly selected and appraised by Bonebakker’s professional gemmologists. To celebrate love in its broadest sense we introduce our top 10 Gems of Love. Pick your favourite!


1. Rose quartz

Firmly at the number one position is not red ruby, but the gemstone of universal love: rose quartz. The soft, romantic pink hue of natural rose quartz opens the heart and radiates tenderness. The Bonebakker collection boasts an impressive ring, carved from a solid piece of rose quartz, adorned with floral motifs. Is this too bold for you?

Then you may fall for the lovely Ole Lynggaard Lotus ring with rose quartz. The gem harmonizes and comforts, which makes it the perfect gemstone to heal a broken heart, too!

ring-ruby oval

2. Ruby

The red ruby is a natural second in our top 10 list of gems of love. This ‘stone of love’ symbolizes passion and lust, sexuality and devotion, and has done so for centuries. Nothing old-fashioned about a ruby, though, it depends on the way you wear it. Moreover, rubies are given between partners on their 40th wedding anniversary, but we think there is no need to wait that long.

Its eternity is beautiful at any anniversary. Speaking of eternity, this ruby
eternity ring from the Bonebakker Regalia collection adds a long history to the beauty of the gemstone.

bracelet emerald

3. Emerald

Green and not red is our third love gem. The emerald was the gemstone with which the ancient Romans and Greeks honoured their goddesses of love, Venus and Aphrodite. Emerald stood for true love and fertility, which was a nice extra. Emeralds represent truth and honesty, too, and legend has it that if you wear an emerald you can tell if your lover’s promises are real or not. Why not try? Bonebakker has given the emerald a contemporary twist in this beautiful bracelet with a pear-cut emerald.


4. Pink tourmaline

Fourth in this list of gems of love is Pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is a stone of love and is famous for its ability to mend a broken heart. In Eastern cultures, pink tourmaline is thought to have a special connection to the Heart Chakra. Its delicate colour resonates with everyone, especially young lovers.  Our Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam collection hosts several jewellery items with pink tourmaline. Take this cabochon-cut pink rubellite, a tourmaline variety. It is captured between elements of the original Keys of Amsterdam that Bonebakker made for Napoleon.

But also facetted pink tourmalines show their beauty. This ring with pink tourmaline is a fine example.

key of amsterdam pink tourmaline
morganite ring bridge of Amsterdam

5. Morganite

Think pink! Next on our list is morganite, such as the gems in this beautiful Waalseiland ring from the Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam Collection. Morganite gemstones are trendy in their soft peachy or pink colour. In fact, morganite is a pink beryl, and in a way a sister gem of the emerald, which is a green beryl. Of course, Bonebakker always selects the purest of colours, so that the gem’s powers come forward as well as possible. Compassion and kindness, for example. Aren’t these perfect to attract lasting love?

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6. Rhodolite

Rhodolite is a fabulous gemstone, and therefore one of our favourites. These pink rhodolites in this pair of trendy earrings by Alessandra Dona, for example, are cut in pyramid shapes. Rhodolite is a rose-pink to a red variant from the garnet group, and its name is derived from the Greek word rhodon, which means rose-like. But it was Ancient Egypt that inspired designer Dona: the pyramids refer to life after death, eternity and spiritual awakening.

A more reddish rhodolite can be found in the Boucheron Bohemian Serpent collection.


7. Garnet

We already discussed garnets, when talking about rhodolites, but pure garnets are a treat, too. With their deep red colour, which can turn to nearly black, the gemstone is a symbol of romance, passion and intimacy. It stimulates sexual desire and is associated with fertility, the heart, blood flow, life force and the inner flames of emotion. Want to have an energetic loving relationship? Go for Garnet in this Boucheron ring with garnet!


8. Pink sapphire

Why not combine a coloured love gem like a pink sapphire with the soft hues of natural South Sea pearls? Alessandra Dona designed this tender combination of pink sapphires and pearls. Pink sapphires rank 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, so they will last forever! The perfect gift for both a 5th or a 45th anniversary, and since sapphires symbolize truth and love, we can’t think of a better set!


9. Pink opal

Pink opal is sourced in Australia and is the only gem in this list that is not transparent. Its opacity has a mysterious beauty, both glamorous and very down-to-Earth. This sophisticated gemstone is combined with Tanzanite in these Bonebakker earrings with pink opal and diamonds. It is said that pink opals offer protection, healing and well-being.


10. Pink diamond

Pink diamonds are last but not least on our list of Gems of Love. The mother of all gems, the diamond, doesn’t have to be white! Well, in this fiery red Messika bracelet, they are, but Fancy Coloured Diamonds come in all colours, even blue and green. We go for these fantastic pink diamonds with a white diamond entourage, as birds on a ledge. Free birds, naturally, because the pink gems seem to float.

Therefore, if you love somebody set them free applies to these dazzling earrings. Diamonds symbolize eternity, so if you want everlasting love, these diamonds are a perfect choice.