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Top 10 Colored Gems of Love

pasquale bruni red earrings

The color of love is… red (or is it?)

Ask any person ‘what is the colour of love?’ and the answer will most certainly be red. Roses are red, hearts are red, and fiery passion is red. You may therefore be surprised that red is not the only colour of love, especially when it comes to gemstones. Therefore, we have compiled a top 10 of Gems of Love.

A timeless choice: Red gems of love

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, your wedding anniversary, love is in the air, any day of the year. And therefore, you may be searching for the perfect gift to express your affection. Here at Bonebakker, we feel that red and pink gems are a timeless choice, representing love, passion, and romance. From vibrant rubies to delicate pink sapphires, these precious stones make for a unique and meaningful gift for your loved one.
Whether set in jewellery or given as a standalone gem, these stones with their vibrant hues are sure to leave a lasting impression. But you know, it’s not only red or pink that makes a lover’s heart beat faster!

SPRING-STACK-rings pink

Gem experts

Our personal passion for the beautiful varieties in colour that Mother Nature has to offer has led to a worldwide network of contacts where we source the most radiant, mysterious and valuable gems. Being gemmologists (and colour experts!) ourselves, we value the rarity of certain stones, and we can become very enthusiastic about a beautiful cut or a combination of colours that make these gems stand out even more!

So, consider expressing your love with the gift of a colourful gem, expertly selected and appraised by Bonebakker’s professional gemmologists. To celebrate love in its broadest sense we introduce our top 10 Gems of Love. Pick your favourite!


1. Rose quartz

Firmly at the number one position is not red ruby, but the gemstone of universal love: rose quartz. The soft, romantic pink hue of natural rose quartz opens the heart and radiates tenderness. The Bonebakker collection boasts an impressive ring, carved from a solid piece of rose quartz, adorned with floral motifs. Is this too bold for you?

Then you may fall for the lovely Ole Lynggaard Lotus ring with rose quartz. The gem harmonizes and comforts, which makes it the perfect gemstone to heal a broken heart, too!

ring-ruby oval

2. Ruby

The red ruby is a natural second in our top 10 list of gems of love. This ‘stone of love’ symbolizes passion and lust, sexuality and devotion, and has done so for centuries. Nothing old-fashioned about a ruby, though, it depends on the way you wear it. Moreover, rubies are given between partners on their 40th wedding anniversary, but we think there is no need to wait that long.

Its eternity is beautiful at any anniversary. Speaking of eternity, this ruby
eternity ring from the Bonebakker Regalia collection adds a long history to the beauty of the gemstone.

bracelet emerald

3. Emerald

Green and not red is our third love gem. The emerald was the gemstone with which the ancient Romans and Greeks honoured their goddesses of love, Venus and Aphrodite. Emerald stood for true love and fertility, which was a nice extra. Emeralds represent truth and honesty, too, and legend has it that if you wear an emerald you can tell if your lover’s promises are real or not. Why not try? Bonebakker has given the emerald a contemporary twist in this beautiful bracelet with a pear-cut emerald.


4. Pink tourmaline

Fourth in this list of gems of love is Pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is a stone of love and is famous for its ability to mend a broken heart. In Eastern cultures, pink tourmaline is thought to have a special connection to the Heart Chakra. Its delicate colour resonates with everyone, especially young lovers.  Our Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam collection hosts several jewellery items with pink tourmaline. Take this cabochon-cut pink rubellite, a tourmaline variety. It is captured between elements of the original Keys of Amsterdam that Bonebakker made for Napoleon.

But also facetted pink tourmalines show their beauty. This ring with pink tourmaline is a fine example.

key of amsterdam pink tourmaline
morganite ring bridge of Amsterdam

5. Morganite

Think pink! Next on our list is morganite, such as the gems in this beautiful Waalseiland ring from the Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam Collection. Morganite gemstones are trendy in their soft peachy or pink colour. In fact, morganite is a pink beryl, and in a way a sister gem of the emerald, which is a green beryl. Of course, Bonebakker always selects the purest of colours, so that the gem’s powers come forward as well as possible. Compassion and kindness, for example. Aren’t these perfect to attract lasting love?

hoop earrings pink gem

6. Rhodolite

Rhodolite is a fabulous gemstone, and therefore one of our favourites. These pink rhodolites in this pair of trendy earrings by Alessandra Dona, for example, are cut in pyramid shapes. Rhodolite is a rose-pink to a red variant from the garnet group, and its name is derived from the Greek word rhodon, which means rose-like. But it was Ancient Egypt that inspired designer Dona: the pyramids refer to life after death, eternity and spiritual awakening.

A more reddish rhodolite can be found in the Boucheron Bohemian Serpent collection.


7. Garnet

We already discussed garnets, when talking about rhodolites, but pure garnets are a treat, too. With their deep red colour, which can turn to nearly black, the gemstone is a symbol of romance, passion and intimacy. It stimulates sexual desire and is associated with fertility, the heart, blood flow, life force and the inner flames of emotion. Want to have an energetic loving relationship? Go for Garnet in this Boucheron ring with garnet!


8. Pink sapphire

Why not combine a coloured love gem like a pink sapphire with the soft hues of natural South Sea pearls? Alessandra Dona designed this tender combination of pink sapphires and pearls. Pink sapphires rank 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, so they will last forever! The perfect gift for both a 5th or a 45th anniversary, and since sapphires symbolize truth and love, we can’t think of a better set!


9. Pink opal

Pink opal is sourced in Australia and is the only gem in this list that is not transparent. Its opacity has a mysterious beauty, both glamorous and very down-to-Earth. This sophisticated gemstone is combined with Tanzanite in these Bonebakker earrings with pink opal and diamonds. It is said that pink opals offer protection, healing and well-being.


10. Pink diamond

Pink diamonds are last but not least on our list of Gems of Love. The mother of all gems, the diamond, doesn’t have to be white! Well, in this fiery red Messika bracelet, they are, but Fancy Coloured Diamonds come in all colours, even blue and green. We go for these fantastic pink diamonds with a white diamond entourage, as birds on a ledge. Free birds, naturally, because the pink gems seem to float.

Therefore, if you love somebody set them free applies to these dazzling earrings. Diamonds symbolize eternity, so if you want everlasting love, these diamonds are a perfect choice.


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Flying sky high in the dome of the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, spectacular aerial acrobats in a graceful tissue took the breath away of our appreciated clients, press and friends during our 225 year anniversary party.  A sensational jewellery show accompagnied by Ace on Sax, infectuous tunes spun by the DJ from his golden booth…

Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

Blue Bridge, reflection of a characteristic element on the water of this famous bridge crossing the Amstel river. 18kt white gold and diamonds.   Collection ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ To celebrate our 225th anniversary we present our jubilee collection ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’. An ode to the…

Celebrating 225 years

Bonebakker celebrates its 225th anniversary  Bonebakker Jewelers has enjoyed a long and illustrious history since its foundation in 1792. Bonebakker was commissioned to create the Royal Crown of Holland for the Prince of Orange (1840) and the Silver Keys ot the city of Amsterdam (1806) for…

Summer Jewels

These amazing pieces have left the Jewellery Theatre in our store and appeared in Nouveau Magazine ! styling: Inge Holkenborg photography: Carlfried Verwaayen      

Easter 2017

Wishing you a Happy Easter!   Sunday April 16th we are closed, we are looking forward to welcome you back on Monday April17th from 11am till 7pm.  

Floating – Style Magazine

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Vibrant green Emerald

Vibrant green Emerald, birthstone of the month May Emerald is the lush and vibrant green specimen of the mineral Beryl. Aquamarine (blue), Heliodor (yellow) and Morganite (pink) are other specimens of Beryl. It’s original name, Smaragd, is derived from the ancient Greek word for green…

World’s sweetest mum

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Flowers. Chocolate. Breakfast in bed. Mother’s Day gifts are great, but nothing says, “I love you, mommy” like a drawing. Find an extra special present to spoil your mum at Bonebakker from our wide range of jewellery and gifts this Mother’s day….

Piaget last pieces for special prices

As the famous Dutch song goes, ‘Ik geef je een roosje, mijn roosje’, give her a Piaget Rose for Mother’s Day. ENJOY OUR PIAGET SALE Our favorite pieces from the Piaget collection have come down to the last items, which we can offer at lovely…

Easter is a spring of love

Happy Easter from Bonebakker Juwelier Let’s fly into the spring season with grace, elegance and some sparkle! 18kt pink gold Liberty Butterfly ring pavé set with white and brown diamonds by Pasquale Bruni exclusively available at Bonebakker

Gifts for him

Jewellery and accessories are a unique way to embellish your look and to add some details to your own style. Not just for her, also for him! Bonebakker suggests some beautiful accessories selected for men from our always expanding collection. Some of our favourite pieces…

Magical Blue Tanzanite

Found in just one place on earth, tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery. It is said that the Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu found the first Tanzanite crystal in 1967 in the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania. The name “tanzanite” is used for blue to bluish…

Christmas at Bonebakker

HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A JOYFUL 2016 Best wishes from the Bonebakker Jewelers team Jannie Iwema, Aron Kegel, Barbara Bots, Nona Joanes, Lara Geijsen and Asal Al Khamisy OPENING HOURS DURING HOLIDAY SEASON Daily from 10:00 – 20:00, Sunday from 11:00 – 19:00 December 24th and…

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Important Jewels set with Spinel, not ruby

Spinel an under-appreciated gemstone This month Bonebakker will showcase the vibrant and colorful gemstone spinel. Spinel is one the most under-appreciated gemstones and has long been mistaken for ruby. Many of the famous “rubies” of history were actually spinels. In ancient times, the gem mines…

dinh van marks its 50th anniversary

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Spessartine Garnet

Inspired by the spectacular ‘supermoon’ total lunar eclipse visible early this morning, our gemstone expert will highlight another magical natural phenomenon; the dazzling and beautiful orange gemstone Spessartine.   Spessartine or spessartite is one of the lesser-known, bright orange varieties of garnet, also called ‘mandarine garnet’. It…

200 years of Dutch Kingdom

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Prinsjesdag 2015

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Vogue Fashion Night Out

September 10th 2015: Vogue Fashion Night’s Out at Bonebakker Bonebakker Jewelers is getting ready for this year’s Vogue Fashion Night Out! We are proud to announce the unique collaboration between Bonebakker and international fashion brand Spijkers en Spijkers. To celebrate this alliance of couture and…

Summer is all about easy breezy style

The 18kt gold&silver reversible classic chain bracelet by John hardy complements every summer look, from breezy white dresses to your favorite beach look. A hand-woven bracelet crafted from polished silver and warm 18kt gold is designed with John Hardy’s signature flair and ultra-versatile reversibility.

Sail Amsterdam 2015

Sail Amsterdam has truly unique character among the nautical events because of the participation of the biggest world’s sailing ships. Seeing them sail near the old city of Amsterdam, gives a lasting impression to a visitor. Bonebakker has been supplying silver hatches to the Royal…

Vive la France!

WIN this beautiful silver piece by Parisian jeweller dinh van, On July 14th we celebrate Bastille Day with you by announcing here on our news page how to WIN this playful pendant. Stay tuned!

Ole lynggaard Holland Launch

Private shopping event with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Bonebakker Jewellers was proud to organize a press presentation and private shopping event with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The favourite jewellery brand of the Danish royal family is taking the world by storm with their stunning and sensual jewellery…

Happy Easter

 Opening hours Easter 2015 April 5th:            closed April 6th :          11 – 19 h above: Vintage piece by Boucheron: gold and enamel clip/brooche below: Boucheron added a new animal to their great collection ‘animaux’. This spring 2015…

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cute little silver sheep from the animal collection from our Jewellery Theatre. Wishing you all the best this year of the sheep.      

Valentines Day

Surprise your love with a heart, flower or -why not- a cute hedgehog. Valentines Day 2015

Need NYE Earrings?

Find the perfect earrings for New Years Eve ! MORE>>>      

All I want for Christmas…

This set is just stunning, made in 18kt rosegold with diamonds! Aaahhhhhhhhhh….. Browse our selection of Christmas gifts to suit any budget.

The scent of Christmas at Bonebakker

Shop for your Christmas presents at Bonebakker Jeweler. We carry a special mix of pieces from renowned jewellery houses as well as our own collection. Precious silver gifts for small prices and exclusive jewellery customized to your wishes. For your convenience we are open every…

Exclusive Early Bird Promotion

SWEET ITALIAN MORNINGS During the month of October Bonebakker has a special early bird promotion! Purchase a jewel before noon and receive 10% discount on one of our Italian jewellery brands. In addition we offer the special jewel cleaning service for your favorite piece, while…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

This year we celebrated Vogue Fashion Night Out with the models of Modellist-ID. Marc Cox presented his own designed shirt showing various sky-lines melted into each other, a reflection of his own life as a topmodel working in another city every day. Models travelling all over the…

27th Biennale des Antiquaires Paris

This year, in 2014, Piaget is celebrating its 140th anniversary and on the occasion of the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires the company is highlighting a stellar period in its creative history from the 1960s and 70s, enhanced by the most precious materials: diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, hard…

Summer time !

During the summer all the animals come out to play. Why not show a little pizzaz by wearing something with a lion or bird? Animals are HOT during the summer of 2014 and you can be to! You can wear anything with an animal on…

tax free shopping Amsterdam

Today the summer holidays started in Amsterdam. Dutch people will start travelling to their summer destinations and tourists will visit Amsterdam. We welcome everyone to our beautiful city and wish you a very pleasant stay. Amsterdam is heaven for those who love shopping, although you…

It’s spring fever !

Take a fresh look at the world of fashion this spring with Bonebakker. Treat yourself to something special from our selection of must-haves, like this striking 24kt gold pi pendant by the French jewellery house dinh van. more about the dinh van collection

We love Jewellery Theatre !

Jewellery Theatre by Maxim Voznesensky … Do not let the dim interior and the quirky design of our Jewellery Theatre  in our boutique make you hesitate before entering. The atmosphere resembles a jewellery fairy tale: whimsical gold, precious stones, and pearl jewels are displayed in cabinets…

Valentines Day – A love letter from Bonebakker

Bonebakker’s suggestions for Valentines Day. Shop our handpicked collection to find something for someone special ! Lovely pieces & special offers can easily be purchased in our pop up online Valentine Shop * delivery before February 14th 2014 when ordered before February 12th 2014 * purchases can be changed for different sizes /…

Golden Locket

The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for our generation. Our goal is to capture the essence of fashion while maintaining the timeless elegance of design. A woman can tell her story through her jewelry. Living with and celebrating the memories…

Sparkling colours for a fresh New Year !

This year’s collection of the Italian Jewellery House Pasquale Bruni is highlighted by Mandala, which blossoms from the lotus flower.  It’s the power of color, fused with an intimate and fascinating light and a labyrinth of emotions from which one emerges full of regenerative energy…

Christmas Shopping Amsterdam : Bonebakker Jewelry : a Perfect Gift

For Christmas shopping Amsterdam be sure to visit the Bonebakker Salon in Amsterdam. Open daily from 10h – 20h. Our boutique is a place of discovery and inspiration where you can find a special Christmas gift. December is traditioneel een feestelijke maand bij Bonebakker Wij verwelkomen u bij ons in…

Just arrived at our store in Amsterdam Platinum Ring with fine Tanzanite

Just arrived at our store in Amsterdam Platinum Ring with a fine 4.06ct tanzanite. A stunning colour play of violette and blue hues can be seen in this rare gemstone. The half moon diamonds have been cut especially for this ring to enhance the beauty…

A fresh interpretation of an ancient ring

NEW       Bonebakker Jeweler presents a fresh interpretation of an ancient piece of jewelry ! Bonebakker’s jewelry store has been selling jewelry in Amsterdam for over two centuries. As early as the nineteenth century Bonebakker received numerous prestigious commissions culminating in a new crown…

Bonebakker ready for the stars !

Ever since 1994, MTV’s annual European music awards have been bringing the world’s biggest pop stars together to perfectly capture the zeitgeist of each musical movement. Bonebakker is ready for the MTV EMA 2013 taking place in Amsterdam this weekend! We just got some new beautiful pieces…

Autumn at Bonebakker Jeweller in Amsterdam

At Bonebakker Jeweller in Amsterdam we like autumn storms, check out these spectacular earrings by Maxim Voznesensky !

Vogue Fashion Night Out 5 september 2013

For this edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, The Conservatorium Hotel will be completely in the theme of  “Fashion Icons”. Bonebakker Jewelers and the other exclusive shops in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery will be dedicated this evening to fashion and style icons, inspired by…

Easter Surprise at Bonebakker Jeweller

In our beautiful Magnolia tree 7 special vintage evening bags are hanging in between the blossoms. A stunning silver jewel is hidden in each fabegg… Select your favourite surprise egg this Easter and get spoiled with a piece of jewellery by Pesavento or John Hardy…

Piaget Rose Day June 13th 2013

We celebrate the beautiful Piaget Rose today ! Piaget Roses can be found everywhere in the Conservatorium Hotel … Our precious Piaget Rose Collection is complemented with some stunning pieces. All senses are pleased by this unique rose, enjoy!    

Key of Amsterdam

Miniature Key of Amsterdam as a pretty pendant. Sterling silver, gold plated on colorful cords or chain. Silver Keys of Amsterdam made by Bonebakker in 1811 Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte visited Amsterdam Ocotber 9th, 1811. Symbolically he received the silver keys of Amsterdam. These silver keys,...

1 year anniversary

Thank you for all your kind messages for our 1 year anniversary in the Conservatorium Hotel. We thankfully remember our founder Adrianus Bonebakker who came to Amsterdam and established as a silversmith in 1792. More images of the Bonebakker family on the website of the…

Fashion Week Amsterdam 2013 with Piet Paris

Piet Paris, the Dutch fashion illustrator who counts Marni, Viktor & Rolf and Saks Fifth Avenue among his clients, is decorating the windows of Amsterdam Fashion Week venue The Conservatorium hotel to launch the Dutch capital’s eighteenth official fashion week that starts today. At Bonebakker…

Bonebakker Archive Fund Raising

With a successful charity auction on June 3rd 2012 a start has been made to raise the extra funding necessary for the preservation of the Bonebakker Archive for posterity. Facsimiles of presentation drawings and exclusive arrangements with museums and shopkeepers raised 7,900 euros. In addition,…

Grand Opening Bonebakker

During the official opening of Bonebakker Jeweler in the Conservatorium Hotel March 22nd, 2012, dancers of the Scapino Ballet performed beautiful scenes from their show ‘Pearl’. Bonebakker Jeweler opened its doors in Amsterdam in 1792 and has been an institution in the Netherlands ever since. Adrianus Bonebakker was…