1792 - 1792 – Adrianus Bonebakker acquires the Poorterrecht of Amsterdam

Gildekamer_Andries_Graffelman_1807Trial of the Pyx in the Guild’s Chamber. Adrianus Bonebakker is the man on the right.
Watercolour painting by Andries Graffelman, 1807


Portal to the future

In the days of Adrianus Bonebakker starting a trade was not for every-one. Only as ‘Poorter’ of the city one could become a member of a Guild and start a trade. This s0-called Poorterrecht (the right to live and trade) was much sought-after.

On the 15 June 1792 Adrianus Bonebakker procures this right and becomes a Poorter of the city of Amsterdam. That same day he appears before the dean of the high-counsel of the Amsterdam Guild for Gold and Silversmiths and asks permission to take the master exam in order to become a member of their Guild. His request is granted and for the mandatory exam Bonebakker has to create a number of silver buckles. Four days later he shows his work and is accepted as a master in the Guild, at which time Atelier Bonebakker is established. It is the start of one of the most important jewellery brand names in Dutch history.