Bonebakker tennis bracelets from Amsterdam with diamonds

How the tennis bracelet got its name

An all-time classic, the tennis bracelet, makes its comeback in Amsterdam

The tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a special story. This all-time classic is making its comeback in trendy Amsterdam at the moment. Why? Because it makes such a perfect gift! But do you know how the tennis bracelet got its name?

Bonebakker tennis bracelets from Amsterdam with diamonds

It was the summer of 1987 and tennis player Chris Evert was playing a long rally at the US Open. Halfway through the match, she suddenly stopped and asked the officials for a timeout. The reason: the clasp of her diamond bracelet had broken and the bracelet had fallen off her wrist. She wanted to find it before she played the next point. When asked about it later in an interview, she called the piece of jewellery her “tennis bracelet,” referring to the accident during the match, and thus the iconic name was born for this type of bracelet.

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Tennis bracelets with white or black diamonds

Evert’s incident put the jewel in the international spotlight. The bracelet Evert wore during the competition was a yellow-gold bracelet with diamonds set side by side, which together formed the bracelet to the eye. This bracelet was made by the famous jewelry designer George Bedewi. This type of bracelet had existed since the 1920s and was also made in rose or white gold or even platinum, and with colour gemstones or fancy diamonds. And an additional safety clip on the side of the bracelet secures the bracelet.

At Bonebakker, of course, we have tennis bracelets of all sorts, with champagne diamonds (see picture on the left), for instance, and a special edition with black diamonds (see below).

Grand Slam for the tennis bracelet

More than 35 years have passed since Evert’s incident on the court, and the tennis bracelet – which also “stacks” very well – has become an indispensable Classic. In fact, it’s a Grand Slam!

Tennis bracelets from famous jewellery brands

Bonebakker Jeweller in Amsterdam offers a brilliant assortment of tennis bracelets. You can find them on our webshop. Not only do we make tennis bracelets in our workshops, our European Jewellery Houses also offer a large range of tennis bracelets. This Messika Skinny bracelet is a fine example.


The 18-karat white gold Messika tennis bracelet, is fully handcrafted and set with brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 0,80ct. An extremely flexible second-skin jewel, based on an invisible system of gold nano-springs, this diamond bracelet is very easy to put on and off.

This jewel, featuring a fine setting and radiant diamonds. is the ideal gift for any occasion. Our word of advice: wear it alone or stacked with other bracelets from our collection or next to your watch.
The bracelet is also available in 18 karat pink gold.

Diamonds do not always have to be round

From our Bonebakker Collection, we offer you this classic tennis bracelet in 18-karat white gold, set with emerald-cut diamonds from our own Bonebakker Atelier. Please contact us for details.

Tennis bracelet with emerald cut diamonds from Bonebakker Amsterdam


This exceptional tennis bracelet with 55 emerald cut diamonds, a total of 12.04ct in a G/VS quality with excellent cut diamonds, is created in 18-carat white gold. Made in our Bonebakker Atelier in Amsterdam.

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Tennis bracelet in 18kt whitegold with black diamonds Large