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Spectacular new Boucheron Jewellery Carte Blanche Collection Or Bleu

Water and ice inspire latest jewellery collection by Boucheron

At Bonebakker, the jeweller for Boucheron jewellery in Amsterdam, we are annually enchanted by the magic of the Boucheron Carte Blanche collection. This collection is all about creative freedom and innovation. To create this state-of-the-art Boucheron collection, new materials and techniques are experimented with to craft unique jewellery pieces with an absolute WOW-factor.

The 2024 Boucheron Carte Blanche collection is named ‘Or Bleu’ and is a tribute to the beauty of water. Claire Choisne, Boucheron’s creative director, travelled to the rugged landscapes of Iceland for this collection. Inspired by breathtaking waterfalls, waves, and glaciers, she brought the wild beauty of water to life in one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, hair jewellery, brooches, and more.

Boucheron jewellery Amsterdam Boucheron Carte Blanche collection Or Blue necklace Iceberg

Boucheron Carte Blanche

We still remember the iconic examples from previous Boucheron Carte Blanche collections. For instance, the 2018 collection ‘Nature Triomphant’ with floral motifs and animal figures, and the 2021 Boucheron Carte Blanche collection ‘Holographique’ with iridescent jewellery creations. This year, designer Claire Choisne once again had ‘Carte Blanche’ for her designs, and it was water, with its unique form and rhythm, that inspired her. The 26 high jewellery creations in the collection flow along the body like water cascading down a waterfall.

Boucheron jewellery Amsterdam Or Bleu earrings Iceber

Boucheron Cascade necklace

The ‘Cascade’ necklace is particularly impressive: a 148 cm long creation in white gold and diamonds, the longest jewel ever made by Boucheron’s ateliers. The necklace can be transformed into a shorter version with matching earrings, showcasing Boucheron’s exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. The piece contains 1,816 pavé-set diamonds and took 3,000 hours to create.

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Boucheron jewellery Amsterdam Or Bleu necklace Cascade

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam. Claire Choisne vond inspiratie voor de Boucheron Or Bleu collectie op IJsland

Mountain Crystal, volcanic rock, sand, and diamonds

Equally impressive is the ‘Ondes’ jewellery set, inspired by a single droplet causing ripples in water. To capture the organic circular motion, the Boucheron studio first simulated it on the computer using 3D software, which then determined the volumes of a necklace and two rings. The necklace is made of white gold and sculpted and polished rock crystal: a real challenge for the artisans, who also had to follow the contours of the bust. And because transparency never compromises, the rock crystal was enriched with 4,542 round diamonds.

Fusion of techniques

The ‘Eau d’Encre’ bracelet is partly made from volcanic rock, white gold, and titanium, and like the matching ring, is set with pavé diamonds. For the three pieces in the ‘Sable Noir’ set, the house used black sand, not for the first time. In 2015, the Carte Blanche collection featured sand from the Thar Desert in a necklace. This year, black sand is combined with a 3D printing technique. The grains are bound with a polymer in thin layers until the desired shape is achieved. This technique, used in the automotive and aerospace industries, results in a strong material with a high gloss. The clasp of the necklace is set in two elements adorned with diamonds.

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam Boucheron Carte Blanche collectie Or Bleu Collier Flots

Breathtaking as Mother Nature

When looking for Boucheron jewellery in Amsterdam, you will notice the comeback of the brooch. This originally royal ornament is also celebrated exuberantly in the Boucheron Carte Blanche collection. In the 16th and 17th centuries, a time when Bonebakker played a significant role as an Amsterdam jeweller, brooches, richly decorated with gemstones, became increasingly popular as decorative jewellery for both men and women of nobility. The Boucheron brooch ‘Flots’ is inspired by water flowing down a rocky slope. The piece is lavishly set with brilliant-cut diamonds of various sizes, cascading like a waterfall. The diamonds are set in a way that hides the precious metal. The two shoulder brooches named ‘Eau Vive’ are also full of stunning details. Their creation involved both traditional craftsmanship and new techniques, using 3D software as well as the age-old art of hand-setting diamonds.

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam Carte Blanche collectie Or Blue schouderbroche Eau Vive

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam inspiratie Boucheron Carte Blanche collectie Or Blue haarsieraad Vague

Jewellery is art at its finest

In the podcast ‘True Stories’, made around the creation of the 2024 Boucheron Carte Blanche collection, Claire Choisne says: “The Carte Blanche collection allows me to highlight something dear to me, namely water. Water adapts to its environment. It has no shape, no colour, and yet it is vital.” During her inspiring trip to Iceland, she explored the breathtaking nature with photographer Jan Erik Waider, who specialises in capturing Scandinavian landscapes. The French artist Molécule participated in the expedition to capture the sounds of nature. Molécule created an electro-soundtrack specifically for the collection.

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam Claire Choisne

Claire Choisne


The history of Maison Boucheron

Maison Boucheron’s story began in 1858, when Frédéric Boucheron opened his first boutique in the heart of Paris. His boutique quickly grew into a brand that has distinguished itself over the years with extraordinary designs. Maison Boucheron has made its mark on the world of luxury jewellery with an innovative design approach and excellent craftsmanship from the best goldsmiths. A few years after its founding, in 1893, Maison Boucheron moved to 26 Place Vendôme. This address has since become known worldwide as the home of one of the top jewellery brands: a location synonymous with exclusivity and pure elegance.

Boucheron juwelen Amsterdam Or Bleu oorhangers Banquise

Bonebakker Jeweller and the Boucheron Collection

At Bonebakker Jewellers, we proudly carry the Boucheron jewellery collection in Amsterdam. The jewellery from this brand celebrates Boucheron’s rich heritage, craftsmanship, style, and design. With our own proud history dating back to 1792, we identify with similar values as a timeless source of inspiration. Visit our Boucheron boutique in our online webshop. The Boucheron collection at Bonebakker is much larger than we can show online.

Feel free to contact us for more information about jewellery from this collection. We would be happy to send you more photos and answer all your questions.

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