Bonebakker juwelier Amsterdam

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

18kt white gold bracelet with fancy yellow diamonds
18kt white gold fancy pink diamond ear studs
18kt white gold ring with fancy yellow oval cut diamond
18kt white gold pendant with pear shaped blue diamond

More Collections

Key of Amsterdam ‘Day & Night’ Collection

Key of Amsterdam 'Day & Night' Collectie De historische set Stadssleutels van de stad Amsterdam vervaardigd door Bonebakker in 1806 zijn een een 'signature piece' voor Nederlands oudste juwelenhuis. In de 19e eeuw werd deze set bestaande uit een dag- en een nachtsleutel overhandigd aan zowel aan Napoleon als aan Koning Willem I, de eerste…

the Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The Bridges of Amsterdam Collection This collection offers an ode to Amsterdam, the city that was the cradle of the history of Bonebakker. Amsterdam has more than 1500 bridges that with their characteristic appearance bejewel the city giving it a makeover so dramatic that it is hard to not admire it. The first ring from…

Bonebakker Bridal Rings Amsterdam

Bonebakker Wedding and Engagement Rings Our classical and streamlined wedding rings and engagement rings are precisely milled and beautifully hand-finished in our workshop in Amsterdam. They can be personalised with attractive patterning options or skillfully set premium diamonds. Bespoke Engagement and Wedding rings If you have a particular date you need your wedding rings or…

Bonebakker Brightfall Collection

Bonebakker Brightfall Collection Brightfall is an elegant and sophisticated line of rings, earrings and pendants. What is mainly characteristic of Brightfall is the flexible structure which supports the diamonds bringing them to Life in an intriguing and always changing game of light. Brightfall is elegant and easy-to-wear at the same time standing out as an…

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