Bonebakker juwelier Amsterdam

the Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

Bonebakker 18kt white gold ring with tanzanite and diamonds, Amsterdamse School style, bridge; Waalseiland Brug
Bonebakker 18kt yellow gold ring 'Reflection of Lanterns on Amstel River', bridge; Hoge Sluis Brug
Bonebakker 18kt rosegold ring with white and black rosecut diamonds, illuminated bridges Reguliersgracht
Bonebakker 18kt white gold solitair diamond ring; Walter Suskind Bridge

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Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam Collection

Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam Collection The key of Amsterdam is a symbol of power & faith and a signature motive in the Bonebakker Collection. The collection is based on the historical keys to the city of Amsterdam and were designed and created in 1806 by Adrianus Bonebakker, the founder of the Bonebakker jewellery house. They…

Key of Amsterdam ‘Day & Night’ Collection

Key of Amsterdam 'Day & Night' Collectie De historische set Stadssleutels van de stad Amsterdam vervaardigd door Bonebakker in 1806 zijn een een 'signature piece' voor Nederlands oudste juwelenhuis. In de 19e eeuw werd deze set bestaande uit een dag- en een nachtsleutel overhandigd aan zowel aan Napoleon als aan Koning Willem I, de eerste…

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds Coloured diamonds are known as “fancy diamonds”. They are available in an array of colours, tones and saturations – some are certainly more rare than others, but overall coloured diamonds are far more rare than their white counterparts. We love every chance we get to work with these rare gemstones to create one…


Boucheron The first jeweler on Place Vendôme, Boucheron has embodied excellence in Jewelry, High Jewelry and Watchmaking for more than 150 years. Each collection draws from the history and the values of the Maison, celebrating a modern process that is constantly reinvented. Each watch and jewelry creation sublimates their exceptional stones with the precious material of which…

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