Messika Diamonds in Travelling Collection Midnight Sun

Messika diamonds in Midnight Sun collection: jewels as stars in the night

Did we ever quite get away from the 1970s? Those disco years when a new sense of night fever reigned, from bustling New York City to enchanting Paris? Valérie Messika, founder and artistic director of Messika, seduces the new stars of the night with the Messika Midnight Sun collection with a multitude of high jewellery and unique pieces. Get your funk on!


At Bonebakker, official partner for Messika jewellery in Amsterdam, we find the French jewellery designer’s more ‘wearable’ jewellery. But Valérie packs in a travelling collection that passes through her brand boutiques: you will feel like you are in Boogie Wonderland because of the yellow diamonds the designer used for her Midnight Sun collection. The boldness and exuberance of the disco era is represented by the brand in combinations of white and golden yellow diamonds that sparkle like the sun on an incredible night.


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Five glamorous sets with exclusive Messika diamonds

Don’t stop till you get enough’, as Messika lavishly celebrates disco, and the night life with its Messika Midnight Sun collection with five glamorous sets: Fiery, Glitter Fever, Dancing Moon and Ultimate Party. Valérie Messika drew inspiration for the collection from the influences of unforgettable disco-style icons such as Diana Ross, Andy Warhol, Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury.

Messika presented the collection with Carla Bruni as ambassador. Besides being a model, the former first lady of France is a singer-songwriter, and she is considered a symbol of femininity and freedom. The Messika Midnight Sun collection travels like a world star on tour, exclusively along all Messika boutiques, enchanting its fans worldwide. If you want to see much more of (readily wearable) Messika jewellery immediately, click through to our own Messika collection in the online shop.

Messika Midnight Sun, Glitter Fever

For anyone with glitter fever, every disco party is an invitation to a sparkling party. If there is one thing Messika has mastered like no other, it is celebrating the sparkle of diamonds with an unprecedented feast of design and craftsmanship. Burn that disco floor…

For the Messika Midnight Sun, Glitter Fever line, the brand uses white diamonds to highlight large yellow diamonds ranging from 2 to 15 carats. Like the moths of the 1970s, the Messika Midnight Sun set ‘Glitter Fever’ is a succession of sparkling contrasts. The geometric contours of the jewellery form a challenging ensemble with rectangular shapes of cushion-cut diamonds.

The mix of shapes and light creates a spectacular effect that shows not only the creativity of the house but also the high craft skills mastered by Messika’s goldsmiths and diamond setters. Each square of the necklace, earrings, ring and lip jewellery from the set has been proportioned to best match the size of each yellow diamond.


Messika Midnight Sun, Ultimate Party

Valérie Messika drew inspiration for the ‘Ultimate Party’ jewellery set from two world stars who left their mark on the 1970s like no other: Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross, disco queen of the 1970s hit Love Hangover. Valérie designed a wide, white gold choker with a pear-cut yellow diamond of 20.04 carats and a cushion-cut diamond of 9.07 carats, once again demonstrating Messika’s unparalleled craftsmanship. The jewellery is a masterpiece: the perfectly curved gold front acts like a mirror, magnifying the refraction of light from the diamonds. A second diamond choker, with a spectacular 18.05-carat yellow solitaire, a matching diamond bracelet and a diamond ring complete the set. Ready to shine as the ultimate star at the party.


Messika Midnight Sun, Fiery

Dance the night away: in the steamy and exuberant nightlife of the 1970s, the party scene was an arena for self-expression. With the Fiery set, Valérie Messika designed jewellery for those not afraid to draw attention to themselves. Showstopper is a great necklace with pointed contours. It is reminiscent of fiery flames made of gold and diamonds. Each flame with diamonds captured in shiny polished gold, is a masterpiece in itself. Created to symbolise fervour of the wearer. In addition to the necklaces, the set includes earrings, rings and clips. The Fiery set from the Messika Midnight Sun collection is spicy and bold: a set to stand out on the dance floor of the night.


Messika Midnight Sun, Joy Coeur

For Valérie Messika, heart-cut diamonds are anything but classic or a love symbol for lovers. With an abundance of ‘fiery heart’, the Messika Midnight Sun set ‘Joy Coeur,’ expresses love for life. The jewellery is an invitation to embrace life and enter the world freely as your dance floor. In doing so, Valérie went to perfection. Each heart on the necklace from the set, has the same curves so that the light reflects the same way. It is these characteristics that make jewellery High Jewelry. ‘Colour’ is a form of expression that comes with the exuberance of disco years. The set would therefore not be complete without a Toi & Moi ring, containing a 16.18-carat yellow diamond and a 7.06-carat heart-cut diamond that seem to float on the finger.

Messika Midnight Sun, Dancing Moon

The ‘Dancing Moon’ set is as attractive and mysterious as silver moonlight and as exuberant as the 1970s nightlife inside Studio 54: the luxury club in New York City with its guest lists full of celebrities. The Dancing Moon set shiningly highlights one of the hallmarks of Messika jewellery – the halo. Valerie designed a statement necklace with a majestic diamond setting. The white gold jewellery from the Dancing Moon set gives the illusion that the dazzling diamonds are worn directly on the skin. The jewellery can be worn as a necklace with four layers surrounding the neck like a second skin. On top, it features a 2.21-carat centre stone. The necklace can also be transformed into a necklace with two double rows. The set further comprises a second necklace, a piece of lip jewellery, a mono earring and rings.

Messika Diamond Jewelry at Bonebakker Amsterdam

The five sets from the Messika Midnight Sun collection are not available from Messika partners like Bonebakker. The sets are highly exclusive and travel like world stars along Messika’s various own boutiques. Would you like to experience the extensive Messika collection we have in store for you at Bonebakker Amsterdam? Then make an appointment to visit our boutique at the Conservatorium Hotel.

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