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Emerald Dreams at Museum van Loon

The month of May is all about emeralds. The mesmerizing green gemstone that has inspired goddesses, kings and queens for thousands of years.

On May 19th, an exclusive afternoon focused on emeralds, the birthstone of May, takes place at the best location for a sunny Sunday afternoon; Museum van Loon in Amsterdam with its beautiful green garden.

We are proud to present two lectures about emeralds from top speakers:

Mr. dr. J.C. de Zwaan FGA, PhD in gemmology and mineralogy, director of the Gemmological Labatory of the Netherlands

Mr. M Akkerman, jewelry historian, well known for his appearance on the TV show ‘Tussen Kunst en Kitsch’

Other ingredients; food, drinks, beautiful emerald and aquamarine jewellery by Bonebakker and Buccellati and most importantly; our lovely customers and friends.


Premiere in the Museum van Loon: Exceptional rings set with fine deep green emeralds and decorated with diamonds.

The signature design element of the Bonebakker Collection is derived from the historical city keys of Amsterdam made by Bonebakker in 1806, now on display in the Amsterdam Museum. Of course, a piece with such a feature was included in our new collection. Many eyes of our guests at the Museum van Loon widened at the sight of this magnificent white gold ring with a 4.54 carat green beryl. Pavé set diamonds surround a central stone in a halo, and extend underneath the emerald into the gallery of the gemstone’s setting decorated with an element of the Key of Amsterdam, accenting the brand’s signature.

‘Finding special gems is our passion’, says Jannie Iwema from Bonebakker, ‘so we only look for unique specimens and make one-of-a-kind jewels with them’.

The rings are made in 18kt white and yellow gold and are the newest addition to the celebrated Key of Amsterdam Collection by Bonebakker.

ringen smaragd

Diamond lace, band ring, Milanese heritage, Italian splendour, jewelry glamour. Those are the words to describe with perfection what Buccellati embodies throughout its years of existence.

A range of specialized craftspeople and artisans creates the brand’s familiar Nature, Honeycomb and Lace collections that celebrate natural shapes and designs. Hand-produced on sight, all of the unique pieces are based on drawings delivered down by the Buccellati family with the brand’s signature trademark being items with “no untouched gold”, where every part of the surface is engraved. All of their distinctive cuffs, rings, and other luxuries carry the unique look they ingeniously work around to create everything from the bodies of animals to flower petals and delicate leaf motifs.

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the house, we are thrilled to announce Mr Andrea Buccellati created a design especially for Bonebakker with the unique Buccellati cut diamond launched this year and of course with some stunning emeralds.

Buccellati Emerald Rings
emerald dreams bonebakker museum van loon
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emerald gift
smaragd ring goud

In his book Naturalis Historia from 77-79 CE, Pliny the Elder wrote,

“although we enjoy looking at plants and leaves, we regard Emeralds with all the more pleasure because compared with them there is nothing that is more intensely green.”

What do you love about emerald, the May birthstone?

Bonebakker Museum van Loon