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Emerald Dreams at Museum van Loon

Bonebakker Museum van Loon

The month of May is all about emeralds. The mesmerizing green gemstone that has inspired goddesses, kings and queens for thousands of years.

On May 19th, an exclusive afternoon focused on emeralds, the birthstone of May, takes place at the best location for a sunny Sunday afternoon; Museum van Loon in Amsterdam with its beautiful green garden.

We are proud to present two lectures about emeralds from top speakers:

Mr. dr. J.C. de Zwaan FGA, PhD in gemmology and mineralogy, director of the Gemmological Labatory of the Netherlands

Mr. M Akkerman, jewelry historian, well known for his appearance on the TV show 'Tussen Kunst en Kitsch'

Other ingredients; food, drinks, beautiful emerald and aquamarine jewellery by Bonebakker and Buccellati and most importantly; our lovely customers and friends.


Premiere in the Museum van Loon: Exceptional rings set with fine deep green emeralds and decorated with diamonds.

The signature design element of the Bonebakker Collection is derived from the historical city keys of Amsterdam made by Bonebakker in 1806, now on display in the Amsterdam Museum. Of course, a piece with such a feature was included in our new collection. Many eyes of our guests at the Museum van Loon widened at the sight of this magnificent white gold ring with a 4.54 carat green beryl. Pavé set diamonds surround a central stone in a halo, and extend underneath the emerald into the gallery of the gemstone’s setting decorated with an element of the Key of Amsterdam, accenting the brand’s signature.

'Finding special gems is our passion', says Jannie Iwema from Bonebakker, 'so we only look for unique specimens and make one-of-a-kind jewels with them'.

The rings are made in 18kt white and yellow gold and are the newest addition to the celebrated Key of Amsterdam Collection by Bonebakker.

ringen smaragd

Diamond lace, band ring, Milanese heritage, Italian splendour, jewelry glamour. Those are the words to describe with perfection what Buccellati embodies throughout its years of existence.

A range of specialized craftspeople and artisans creates the brand’s familiar Nature, Honeycomb and Lace collections that celebrate natural shapes and designs. Hand-produced on sight, all of the unique pieces are based on drawings delivered down by the Buccellati family with the brand’s signature trademark being items with “no untouched gold”, where every part of the surface is engraved. All of their distinctive cuffs, rings, and other luxuries carry the unique look they ingeniously work around to create everything from the bodies of animals to flower petals and delicate leaf motifs.

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the house, we are thrilled to announce Mr Andrea Buccellati created a design especially for Bonebakker with the unique Buccellati cut diamond launched this year and of course with some stunning emeralds.

Buccellati Emerald Rings
emerald dreams bonebakker museum van loon
colombian emeralds
emerald gift
smaragd ring goud

In his book Naturalis Historia from 77-79 CE, Pliny the Elder wrote,

“although we enjoy looking at plants and leaves, we regard Emeralds with all the more pleasure because compared with them there is nothing that is more intensely green.”

What do you love about emerald, the May birthstone?

Bonebakker Museum van Loon

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De creatie van een Erfstuk

DE CREATIE VAN EEN ERFSTUK     Tijdloos familiejuweel De zegelring om uw vinger, het mooie parelcollier om uw hals, de prachtige edelstenen in de antieke oorbellen die u draagt… Misschien zijn het wel familiestukken. Juwelen die van generatie op generatie zijn overgedragen en waar u nu de trotse bewaarder van bent. Familiestukken worden gekoesterd…

Private Shopping, terug van nooit weggeweest

Private Shopping terug van nooit weggeweest Bonebakker was een ‘gesloten huis’ tot 1954. Dit betekende dat klanten alleen op afspraak werden bediend, private shopping avant la lettre dus! Adrianus Bonebakker en zijn nazaten kwamen aan huis met een koffer vol juwelen, waaruit de klant een keuze kon maken, of er werd besproken in de Salon…

Mag ik mijn ringen blijven dragen tijdens de Corona crisis?

Mag ik mijn ringen blijven dragen tijdens de Corona-crisis? Het grootste deel van de wereld is op dit moment in quarantaine of heel zorgvuldig bezig om niemand te besmetten.  Het Coronavirus (of COVID-19) is officieel door de WHO erkend als een pandemie en nu is het aan ons allemaal om ons steentje bij te dragen…

The art of giving ❤️ Valentines Day

A key can have secret meanings only known by you two. What better gift for a true love declaration? Keys of Amsterdam on a necklace chain, 18ct yellow, rose and white gold, with 4 small diamonds. You and Me, Me and You. Key of Amsterdam earstuds in 18ct yellow gold and white gold with both…

Elke sleutel vertelt een verhaal … de originele Sleutel van Amsterdam nu ook verkrijgbaar in onze webshop

Voor iedereen die Amsterdam een warm hart toedraagt, de iconische 'Sleutel van Amsterdam Collectie' is nu ook verkrijgbaar in onze webshop ___ De miniatuursleutels in zilver en 18krt goud zijn geinspireerd op de historische sleutels van Amsterdam. De juwelen zijn met veel oog voor detail ontworpen en vervaardigd in het Bonebakker atelier in Amsterdam.…

Sun-Kissed by Van Gogh

We proudly present... ...our Sunflowers pendant, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. Visit the exhibiton Van Gogh and the Sunflowers this summer and combine it with a visit to our boutique. The Sunflowers pendant has citrine, tourmaline, quartz, tsavorite garnet and sapphire. It is made of 18 karat yellow gold in an open design that enhances the…

Fashion weeks 2019 inspiratie

There were a ton of truly amazing looks coming out of the Fashion Weeks around the world this spring. Here are a few styling tips pulled from the runway to combine with jewellery from the Bonebakker Collection. Low heels and a bodysuit for ease of movement, with a Dior Saddle belt to reprise the 'Bar'…

Peace is always beautiful

Get in the Christmas spirit in the Bonebakker boutique with its joyful ambiance surrounded by decorations, lights and of course our wonderful collection of jewels. Our jewellery experts are more than happy to assist you with the best gifts for under the tree. In case you won't have time to visit our boutique, we can ship your gifts…

Bohemian Rock

Summer weather brings people together outside to enjoy music festivals, artistic county fairs, exotic carnivals or a barbecue in the wonderful Amsterdam Vondelpark! We shared a few pieces to help you achieve a laid-back summer style, effortless and elegant and to give you that edge you’ve been looking for. Bohemian Rock with a touch of vintage glamour.

Tulip Mania

It’s that time of the year! Tulips are growing, and the Dutch landscape will soon transform into a colourful patchwork: tulips season in Holland is on its way !
From the 21st of March till the 28th we will celebrate the start of spring in our boutique with spectacular blooming tulips.

Very merry festive season

December brings its cold crisp winter weather and festive holiday season, as 2017 is slowly coming to an end.

225 year anniversary celebration

Flying sky high in the dome of the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, spectacular aerial acrobats in a graceful tissue took the breath away of our appreciated clients, press and friends during our 225 year anniversary party.  A sensational jewellery show accompagnied by Ace on Sax, infectuous tunes spun by the DJ from his golden booth just below the monumental organ. A magical evening. pictures by Reinier van…

Bruggen van Amsterdam Collectie

Bruggen van Amsterdam Collectie Ter ere van het 225-jarig jubileum heeft het atelier van Bonebakker Juwelier dit jaar een nieuwe collectie ringen gecreëerd die een ode brengt aan de stad waar de historie van het bedrijf ‘gemaakt’ werd. De ringen zijn met de hand vervaardigd van 18 karaat roségoud en hebben een boogpatroon die elementen…

Celebrating 225 years

Bonebakker celebrates its 225th anniversary  Bonebakker Jewelers has enjoyed a long and illustrious history since its foundation in 1792. Bonebakker was commissioned to create the Royal Crown of Holland for the Prince of Orange (1840) and the Silver Keys ot the city of Amsterdam (1806) for Napoleon. Antique pieces by Bonebakker can be found in the…

Summer Jewels

These amazing pieces have left the Jewellery Theatre in our store and appeared in Nouveau Magazine ! styling: Inge Holkenborg photography: Carlfried Verwaayen      

Easter 2017

Wishing you a happy easter!

Floating – Style Magazine

Often our jewellery is used for photoshoots in renowned magazines, but this weekend was a special one! In the Style magzine (distributed with the Financieel Dagblad, Financial Times) a magical setting was created. Models floating in the water dressed in beautiful gowns. Our bracelet paved with tourmaline, aquamarine and diamond  in combination with the ring set…

Spring, blossom and new arrivals

Hints of green grass and bright blue sky are a prelude to the promise of warmer weather. Cheerful daffodils smile as crocuses bring forth hope in their glorious yet all too brief return. Joy and anticipation abound, optimism blooms and the flowers of the season appear in our store.     Please come visit us…

Amethyst and Cupido

Amethyst is the most prized variety of Quartz, which occurs in a variety of shades of purple, ranging from deep purple to lilac. Amethyst is found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar and the United States. Quartz also has a yellowish orange variety called Citrine. In Bolivia, amethyst and citrine occur in the same crystal. The…

Christmas Tree Lightning Ceremony

Also this year the oldest jeweller of the Netherlands will be celebrating Christmas in style. Located in Museum Square, the Conservatorium Hotel is the perfect location in which to share festive cheer and merriment. On Friday December 9th, Bonebakker has started the festive season by switching on the fabulous Christmas tree decorated in collaboration with Buccellati…

Fancy coloured sapphires

When you think of a sapphire you may think of the rich blue color that sapphires are famous for. But did you know that besides blue sapphires and red rubies, the corundum family also has ‘fancy sapphires’? These sapphires come in shades of green, yellow, orange, pink, purple and violet. A rare and valuable pinkish-orange…

TOP #12 jewellery trends fall 2016

 #1 Chokers Make a statement with a sparkling choker necklace like this stunning flowered piece from Pasquale Bruni, made in 18kt gold and diamonds, inspired by the hidden gardens of Milan.    #2 Navettes  Navette is the shape of the season! Show off some length with luscious long earrings with navette shaped diamond drops for sparkle. These gorgeous earrings from the Vie…

Summer at Bonebakker

Summer is here! Let this season be filled with sunshine, cocktail party accessories and extraordinary jewels at Bonebakker. Bonebakker selected our favorite pieces for a fabulous summer. The perfect accessory for a summer cocktail party? Jewelry of course! Make your ears sparkle with the Bucellati 18kt gold ear studs with diamonds from the Opera collection, now available at Bonebakker. Summer is the…

Buccellati arrives in Amsterdam

Bonebakker is excited and honored to announce that the world famous Italian jewelry brand Buccellati will be joining the Bonebakker collection. Buccellati famous for textural gold jewelry and exquisite silver objects Since 1919 Bucellati has been designing gorgeous creations, with its signature ‘silky effect’ engraving techniques. An artistic precision resulting in amazing endless light games, soft sensual reflections…

Vibrant Green Emerald

Vibrant green Emerald, birthstone of the month May Emerald is the lush and vibrant green specimen of the mineral Beryl. Aquamarine (blue), Heliodor (yellow) and Morganite (pink) are other specimens of Beryl. It’s original name, Smaragd, is derived from the ancient Greek word for green “Smaragdus”. It was later changed to Emerald. The first known…

World’s sweetest mum

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Flowers. Chocolate. Breakfast in bed. Mother’s Day gifts are great, but nothing says, “I love you, mommy” like a drawing.     Find an extra special present to spoil your mum at Bonebakker from our wide range of jewellery and gifts this Mother’s day.    

Piaget last pieces for special prices

As the famous Dutch song goes, ‘Ik geef je een roosje, mijn roosje’, give her a Piaget Rose for Mother’s Day. ENJOY OUR PIAGET SALE Our favorite pieces from the Piaget collection have come down to the last items, which we can offer at lovely prices, perfect for Mother’s Day! Most pieces we still have…

Easter is a Spring of love

Happy Easter from Bonebakker Juwelier Let’s fly into the spring season with grace, elegance and some sparkle! 18kt pink gold Liberty Butterfly ring pavé set with white and brown diamonds by Pasquale Bruni exclusively available at Bonebakker

Gifts for him

Jewellery and accessories are a unique way to embellish your look and to add some details to your own style. Not just for her, also for him! Bonebakker suggests some beautiful accessories selected for men from our always expanding collection. Some of our favourite pieces include the John Hardy woven leather bracelets in black and…

Magical blue tanzanite

Found in just one place on earth, tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery. It is said that the Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu found the first Tanzanite crystal in 1967 in the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania. The name “tanzanite” is used for blue to bluish purple to bluish violet specimens of the mineral zoisite. A…

Christmas at Bonebakker

HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A JOYFUL 2016 Best wishes from the Bonebakker Jewelers team Jannie Iwema, Aron Kegel, Barbara Bots, Nona Joanes, Lara Geijsen and Asal Al Khamisy OPENING HOURS DURING HOLIDAY SEASON Daily from 10:00 – 20:00, Sunday from 11:00 – 19:00 December 24th and 31st we close at 18:00 December 25th and 26th as…

Exclusive Christmas Shopping Night

Get your Christmas gifts during the festive shopping night in the in-house Van Baerle Shopping Gallery and enjoy live music, Champagne and exclusive promotions in all shops – including Bonebakker Jewelers. YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED FOR THE CONSERVATORIUM  CHRISTMAS SHOPPING NIGHT 17 DECEMBER 2015 17:00 – 22:00 VAN BAERLE SHOPPING GALLERY        

Boucheron presentation November 18th

The spectacular event we hosted with Boucheron to celebrate our exclusive collaboration and of course the beautiful creations of Maison Boucheron. A great day with a Royal Tea and a Dinner with deliciously gorgeous jewelry! >

Important Jewels set with Spinel, not ruby

Spinel an under-appreciated gemstone This month Bonebakker will showcase the vibrant and colorful gemstone spinel. Spinel is one the most under-appreciated gemstones and has long been mistaken for ruby. Many of the famous “rubies” of history were actually spinels. In ancient times, the gem mines of Central and Southeast Asia yielded exceptionally large spinel crystals.…

dinh van marks its 50th anniversary

Happy birthday to dinh van! This year the famous French jewellery house dinh van is celebrating its 50th anniversary with several festivities and a very special collection. Jean Dinh Van has been designing iconic collections since 1965, creating a specific style; contemporary and timeless. In honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary some of these unique…

Spessartine Garnet

Inspired by the spectacular ‘supermoon’ total lunar eclipse visible early this morning, our gemstone expert will highlight another magical natural phenomenon; the dazzling and beautiful orange gemstone Spessartine. Spessartine or spessartite is one of the lesser-known, bright orange varieties of garnet, also called ‘mandarine garnet’. It is said that Spessartine garnet is a stone that provides…

200 years of Dutch Kingdom

The Netherlands celebrates 200 years of Dutch Kingdom The Kingdom of The Netherlands celebrated its 200 year anniversary on Saturday 26th of September. After two years of 200 celebrations and activities around the country, the closing celebration is primarily a story of recognizable themes that touch or evoke a memory. The overarching theme of the…

Prinsjesdag 2015

Prinsjesdag 2015 Today will be the last time the Golden Carriage (Dutch: Gouden Koets) is used to carry the Dutch monarch from the Noordeinde Royal Palace to the Ridderzaal in order to deliver the Speech from the Throne. The golden coach is to be refurbished and will disappear from view for several years. During the restoration the newly restored glass coach will be…

Laatste weekend Design Derby Museum Boymans van Beuningen

In deze ‘design derby’ gaan de vormgevingsiconen van Nederland en België van de afgelopen 200 jaar een spannende confrontatie met elkaar aan. Van koninklijke opdrachten van Willem I en Leopold I, de sierlijke Belgische Art Nouveau tot de strakkere Nederlandse variant en van de eigentijdse ambachtelijke hoogstandjes uit België tot het nuchtere Dutch Design van…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2015

September 10th 2015: Vogue Fashion Night’s Out at Bonebakker Bonebakker Jewelers is getting ready for this year’s Vogue Fashion Night Out! We are proud to announce the unique collaboration between Bonebakker and international fashion brand Spijkers en Spijkers. To celebrate this alliance of couture and jewelry, the goldsmiths of Bonebakker are creating a jewelry piece…

Summer is all about easy breezy style

The 18kt gold&silver reversible classic chain bracelet by John hardy complements every summer look, from breezy white dresses to your favorite beach look. A hand-woven bracelet crafted from polished silver and warm 18kt gold is designed with John Hardy’s signature flair and ultra-versatile reversibility.  

Sail Amsterdam 2015

Sail Amsterdam has truly unique character among the nautical events because of the participation of the biggest world’s sailing ships. Seeing them sail near the old city of Amsterdam, gives a lasting impression to a visitor. Bonebakker has been supplying silver hatches to the Royal Family to cut the ropes that attach the ship to…

Vive la France !

WIN this beautiful silver piece by Parisian jeweller dinh van, On July 14th we celebrate Bastille Day with you by announcing here on our news page how to WIN this playful pendant. Stay tuned! more about dinh van

Ole Lynggaard Holland launch

Private shopping event with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Bonebakker Jewellers was proud to organize a press presentation and private shopping event with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The favourite jewellery brand of the Danish royal family is taking the world by storm with their stunning and sensual jewellery and Bonebakker exclusively introduced the brand to the Dutch market.…

Happy Easter

 Opening hours Easter 2015 April 5th:            closed April 6th :          11 – 19 h above: Vintage piece by Boucheron: gold and enamel clip/brooche below: Boucheron added a new animal to their great collection ‘animaux’. This spring 2015  Hopi Hummingbird was presented: 18kt white gold ring, blue sapphire,…

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cute little silver sheep from the animal collection from our Jewellery Theatre. Wishing you all the best this year of the sheep.


Verras je lief met een hart, een bloem of -waarom niet- een pittig egeltje. Valentijnsdag 2015

Need NYE Earrings?

Find the Perfect Earrings for New Years Eve … MORE>>>

All I want for Christmas…

This set is just stunning, made in 18kt rosegold with diamonds! Aaahhhhhhhhhh….. Browse our selection of Christmas gifts to suit any budget.  

Boucheron exclusief bij Bonebakker

Met een feestelijke rondvaart op de Amsterdamse grachten tijdens het lichtfestival vorige week is de komst van het Franse juwelenmerk Boucheron naar de hoofdstad gevierd. Juwelier Bonebakker, gevestigd in het Conservatorium Hotel, haalde het topmerk naar Nederland. Frédéric Boucheron was in 1893 de eerste juwelier die een boutique opende op de Place Vendôme in Parijs.…

Kerst bij Bonebakker

Een vertrouwde kersttraditie, heerlijke geurende kersttakken, talloze lichtjes en heerlijke lekkernijen, Bonebakker  pakt deze kerst ouderwets uit ! Bekend om de exclusieve stukken van bekende Europese juwelenhuizen en haar eigen Signed Bonebakker Collectie creeert de oudste juwelier van Nederland tijdens de feestdagen een waar juwelen paradijs in haar salon in het Conservatorium Hotel.

Casato Italian Glamour

Glamour, seduction and fashion are just some of the ingredients in the mix, creating unique jewels inspired by luxury and the pursuit of beauty. Casato jewelry are made in 18 kt gold, diamonds and precious stones selected according to the quality of the color and the clarity. In Holland Casato is exclusively available at Bonebakker…

Exclusive Early Bird Promotion

SWEET ITALIAN MORNINGS During the month of October Bonebakker has a special early bird promotion! Purchase a jewel before noon and receive 10% discount on one of our Italian jewellery brands. In addition we offer the special jewel cleaning service for your favorite piece, while you are enjoying your cappuccino in the Conservatorium Lounge. Italian…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

This year we celebrated Vogue Fashion Night Out with the models of Modellist-ID. Marc Cox presented his own designed shirt showing various sky-lines melted into each other, a reflection of his own life as a topmodel working in another city every day. Models travelling all over the world can hook up with each other through the modellist-ID…


This year, in 2014, Piaget is celebrating its 140th anniversary and on the occasion of the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires the company is highlighting a stellar period in its creative history from the 1960s and 70s, enhanced by the most precious materials: diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, hard stones and gold. 88 jewellery creations and 37 watches are being…

Summer time !

During the summer all the animals come out to play. Why not show a little pizzaz by wearing something with a lion or bird? Animals are HOT during the summer of 2014 and you can be to! You can wear anything with an animal on it will work. A tee with a penguin, a bracelet…

tax free shopping Amsterdam

Today the summer holidays started in Amsterdam. Dutch people will start travelling to their summer destinations and tourists will visit Amsterdam. We welcome everyone to our beautiful city and wish you a very pleasant stay. Amsterdam is heaven for those who love shopping, although you have to know where to go. Bonebakker has been selected…

Night & Day Collection

Bonebakker Juwelier lanceert een nieuwe collectie juwelen die recht doet aan het rijke erfgoed van het juwelenhuis. Bonebakker is een van de oudste juweliers van Europa en de nieuwe high-end juwelencollectie is geïnspireerd op de sleutel ’s voor de stad Amsterdam, die Adrianus Bonebakker in 1811 mocht maken voor Napoleon Bonaparte. Dit historische erfgoed herleeft…

It’s spring fever !

Take a fresh look at the world of fashion this spring with Bonebakker. Treat yourself to something special from our selection of must-haves, like this striking 24kt gold pi pendant by the French jewellery house dinh van. more about the dinh van collection

We love Jewellery Theatre !

Jewellery Theatre by Maxim Voznesensky … Do not let the dim interior and the quirky design of our Jewellery Theatre  in our boutique make you hesitate before entering. The atmosphere resembles a jewellery fairy tale: whimsical gold, precious stones, and pearl jewels are displayed in cabinets like characters from a magical book ready to leap…

Valentijnsdag – A love letter from Bonebakker

Bonebakker’s suggesties for Valentijnsdag. Shop our handpicked collection to find something for someone special ! Lovely pieces & special offers can easily be purchased in our pop up online Valentine Shop * delivery before February 14th 2014 when ordered before February 12th 2014 * purchases can be changed for different sizes / models Click here to visit our Valentine webshop      


De medaillons van Monica Rich Kosann zijn ontworpen als toekomstige erfstukken voor onze generatie. The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for our generation. Our goal is to capture the essence of fashion while maintaining the timeless elegance of design. A woman can tell her story through her jewelry. Living with…

Sparkling colours for a fresh New Year !

This year’s collection of the Italian Jewellery House Pasquale Bruni is highlighted by Mandala, which blossoms from the lotus flower.  It’s the power of color, fused with an intimate and fascinating light and a labyrinth of emotions from which one emerges full of regenerative energy and the fascinating warmth of light.  The Hindu mantra—Om mani…

een Bonebakker juweel, een schitterend kerst cadeau

December is traditioneel een feestelijke maand bij Bonebakker. Wij verwelkomen u bij ons in de Salon vol kerstsfeer, rijke decoraties en een spektakel aan juwelen! Bonebakker Juwelier bekend om  haar collectie exclusieve stukken van gerenommeerde Europese juwelenhuizen en haar eigen Signed Bonebakker Collectie presenteert de gehele maand een uitzonderlijk juwelencollectie‎. Er is tijdens de feestdagen speciale aandacht voor juwelen met bijzondere edelstenen en slijpsels zoals tanzaniet, roosgeslepen diamant, ‘colour changing’ alexandriet,…

Platina Ring met Tanzaniet

Net binnen in onze collectie: deze platina ring gezet met een tanzaniet van 4.06 karaat  waarin een prachtig kleurenspel van violette en blauwe kleuren te zien is. De diamanten op de ring en de speciaal voor deze ring geslepen halve maan diamanten geven de tanzaniet en deze platina ring extra allure.   Tanzaniet is een…

Bonebakker Sieraden Amsterdam – couture sieraden geinspireerd op een antiek juweel

NEW       Bonebakker Sieraden Amsterdam presenteert couture sieraden geinspireerd op een antiek juweel. De warme uitstraling van de gematteerde rosegouden ringen met de subtiele schittering van champagne kleurige diamanten creeeren een understated & chique interpretatie van de eeuwenoude zegelring. Naast deze collectie ringen met monogram presenteren wij ook sieraden met camee’s. Ook hier is…

Bonebakker ready for the stars !

Ever since 1994, MTV’s annual European music awards have been bringing the world’s biggest pop stars together to perfectly capture the zeitgeist of each musical movement. Bonebakker is ready for the MTV EMA 2013 taking place in Amsterdam this weekend! We just got some new beautiful pieces in store, for all the stars staying in…

Autumn at Bonebakker Jeweller Amsterdam

At Bonebakker Jeweller in Amsterdam we like autumn storms, check out these spectacular earrings by Maxim Voznesensky !

Vogue Fashion Night Out 5 september 2013

For this edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, The Conservatorium Hotel will be completely in the theme of  “Fashion Icons”. Bonebakker Jewelers and the other exclusive shops in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery will be dedicated this evening to fashion and style icons, inspired by Dutch designer  Marga Weimans. Visitors are treated in an unforgettable…

Easter Surprise at Bonebakker Jeweller

In our beautiful Magnolia tree 7 special vintage evening bags are hanging in between the blossoms. A stunning silver jewel is hidden in each fabegg… Select your favourite surprise egg this Easter and get spoiled with a piece of jewellery by Pesavento or John Hardy    

Piaget Rose Day June 13th 2013

We celebrate the beautiful Piaget Rose today ! Piaget Roses can be found everywhere in the Conservatorium Hotel … Our precious Piaget Rose Collection is complemented with some stunning pieces. All senses are pleased by this unique rose, enjoy!    

Sleutel van Amsterdam

Win een koninklijke sleutel van juwelier Bonebakker Huis Bonebakker maakte in 1811 de zilveren sleutels van Amsterdam, die overhandigd werden aan Napoleon. LINDA. geeft deze week vijf van die sleutels weg, maar dan wel in de vorm van hele mooie ketting t.w.v. € 129. De sleutel aan de ketting is, net als het origineel, verguld…

1 year anniversary

Thank you for all your kind messages for our 1 year anniversary in the Conservatorium Hotel. We thankfully remember our founder Adrianus Bonebakker who came to Amsterdam and established as a silversmith in 1792. More images of the Bonebakker family on the website of the Rijksmuseum: Painting by Adriaan de Lelie : Bonebakker Family (1809)…

Fashion Week Amsterdam 2013 with Piet Paris

  Piet Paris, the Dutch fashion illustrator who counts Marni, Viktor & Rolf and Saks Fifth Avenue among his clients, is decorating the windows of Amsterdam Fashion Week venue The Conservatorium hotel to launch the Dutch capital’s eighteenth official fashion week that starts today. At Bonebakker Jeweller you are welcome for a cocktail with this…

Benefietveiling Bonebakker Archief

test jeroen 5 JJR Met een succesvolle benefietveiling op 3 juni is een start gemaakt voor de werving van middelen om het archief van de firma Bonebakker te conserveren voor het nageslacht. Facsimile’s van presentatietekeningen en exclusieve arrangementen van musea en winkeliers brachten 7.900 euro op. Daarnaast zijn schenkingen toegezegd. Het Archief Bonebakker beslaat in…

Grand Opening Bonebakker Juwelier in het Conservatorium Hotel

Tijdens de Officiele opening van Salon Bonebakker Juweliers in het Conservatoriumhotel in Amsterdam vertoonde de dansers van het Scapino Ballet dansen donderdag 22 maart prachtige scenes uit de voorstelling ‘Pearl’.      Sinds 1792 is Bonebakker een begrip. Met de zilveren sleutels van de stad Amsterdam, overhandigd aan Napoleon (1811) en een 491-delig zilveren tafelservies voor…

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