Hollandse juwelen met Amsterdams DNA

Dutch jewellery design with Amsterdam DNA

Dutch jewellery design

Dutch jewellery design colours the international jewellery landscape with its very own stylistic features. The sparkle of Amsterdam as an important diamond city, the minimalism of a down-to-earth mentality, and the craftsmanship of a centuries-old tradition in jewellery art are all recognisable in jewellery made in Holland. In particular in Bonebakker Jeweller’s Dutch jewellery collections.

The rich heritage of Bonebakker Jewellers still plays an important role in our modern collections, too. This is particularly evident in the exclusive Bonebakker jewellery collections Key of Amsterdam and Bridges of Amsterdam: pure Dutch jewellery design with Amsterdam DNA.

Dutch jewellery design
Ring from the Bridges of Amsterdam Collection 'Waalseiland Brug' in 18 kt yellow gold with diamond and morganite

The history of Bonebakker Jewellers

Founder Adrianus Bonebakker, born in 1767, took his master’s at the silver guild in 1792 and opened his workshop in the same year. It was the beginning of now more than 230 years of distinctive Dutch jewellery design. Important commissions from the city council of Amsterdam and the wealthy Amsterdam bourgeoisie soon followed. From 1813, even members of the royal family joined them. In those days, among other things, Bonebakker forged swords for the Princes of Orange and produced the royal crown for William II.

Dutch jewellery design
18kt yellow gold bracelet with initials for Queen Emma

Bonebakker and Amsterdam, a match made in heaven

Many of our current designs bridge our rich history with the current, inspiring, and enchanting dynamics of the city of Amsterdam. For example, the Key of Amsterdam collection is based on the historic city keys of Amsterdam, designed and crafted by Adrianus Bonebakker in 1806. These keys were originally made for Napoleon. Seven years later, in 1813, the keys were handed over to King Willem I on his entry as the first king of the independent Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Dutch jewellery design
18 kt white gold ring with diamond and tourmaline, Key of Amsterdam Collection

Dutch jewelry design: Key of Amsterdam Collection

The Dutch Jewelry Design Key of Amsterdam Collection consists of refined, handmade silver and 18-carat gold miniature keys. Pure or enriched with diamonds. They are designed and manufactured with great attention to detail in the Bonebakker atelier in Amsterdam.

Each key tells a story or symbolises a special moment. For instance, there are keys inspired by the city keys from 1806, but also keys that are an ode to Amsterdam’s canals and bridges. What is your story that will be sealed with a Key of Amsterdam? Do you wear your Key of Amsterdam as a symbol of access, keeping a secret, opening new roads and opportunities, or as a fond memory of Amsterdam?

Dutch jewellery design
Key of Amsterdam, 18 kt yellow gold pendant with diamond details

Dutch jewelry design: Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The Bonebakker Dutch jewellery design ‘Bridges of Amsterdam Collection’ collection consists of handmade designer jewellery inspired by the distinctive style elements of Amsterdam’s famous bridges.
Amsterdam has more than 1,500 bridges and each has a unique and distinctive look. The jewellery from the Bridges of

Amsterdam Collection is an ode to these beautiful structures and the city itself. These include rings with an arch pattern as recognisable in Amsterdam’s bridges, enriched with sparkling diamonds, black diamonds, sapphire, and tanzanite. The collection also includes duo rings inspired by the bridges over the Amstel River. These ring sets can be worn in two ways: mirrored or as a band ring.

Dutch jewellery design
Bridges of Amsterdam Collection, ‘Blauwbrug’ bracelet in 18 kt white gold and diamond and 18 kt white gold ring set with sapphire

High-end sieraden as and ode to the city and to women

Jewellery from the Bridges of Amsterdam and Keys of Amsterdam Collection is not only beautiful jewellery, but also suitable as a personal memento of the city of Amsterdam. If you are looking for a unique and high-quality Dutch jewellery design to carry a piece of Amsterdam with you? Then be sure to visit our collection.

Dutch jewellery design
Bridges of Amsterdam Collection 'Blauwbrug' set of 3 rings in 18kt white gold with diamond and sapphire

Schedule your own Bonebakker experience

Visit our workshop in Amsterdam and discover Dutch jewellery design with Amsterdam jewellery DNA dating back centuries. Our location is also worth a visit if you want to taste Amsterdam’s historic atmosphere. Today, Bonebakker Juwelier Amsterdam is located in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery in the Conservatorium Hotel on Museumplein in Amsterdam. You will find us in a stylish salon, formerly the director’s room of the Rijkspostspaarbank.

Dutch jewellery design