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Celebrating the Amsterdam Bridges and Canals with precious jewelry

Precious souvenirs: The Amsterdam Canals expressed in jewelry made by Bonebakker

The Bridges of Amsterdam collection is a heartfelt tribute to the enchanting Amsterdam canals and bridges, their mesmerizing reflections, timeless beauty, and the cherished memories they evoke. This original Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam canal jewelry collection has grown steadily into one of Bonebakker’s signature collections. The Bridges line has recently been expanded with solitaire rings, and bracelets honoring the picturesque Reguliersgracht.

Bonebakker Bridges and Canals of Amsterdam ring black diamonds

Every canal and bridge in Amsterdam holds a story – we are telling their story in jewelry

Amsterdam is known worldwide as the city of winding waterways, historic bridges, and whispered secrets. It’s a place where time slows down and every canal holds a story. Bonebakker, the oldest jeweller in Europe, with roots dating back to 1792, has captured the essence of this magical city in our Bridges of Amsterdam collection.

The Bridges of Amsterdam collection draws inspiration from the over 1,500 bridges that gracefully span the city’s canals. Each bridge tells a tale — a connection between neighborhoods, a passage over rippling waters of the Amsterdam canals, a reflection of architectural elegance. Bonebakker’s designers immersed themselves in the city’s soul, capturing the essence of these bridges and canals in precious jewelry.

The very first ring honoring the canals of Amsterdam

The Bridges of Amsterdam Collection by Bonebakker was launched in 2017. The inaugural ring in this collection draws inspiration from a renowned spot in Amsterdam where a multitude of bridges can be seen in one glance. This picturesque location lies at the intersection of Thorbeckeplein and Reguliersgracht. Notably, it holds historical significance for Bonebakker, as it marks the very site where the brand established its first branch.


Bonebakker 18kt white gold diamond ring 'Reflections on the Amstel River'

The Mirrored Reflections

Imagine standing on a canal bridge, gazing into the water. The world above and below merges — a mirrored reflection of symmetry and balance. Bonebakker’s exclusive rings from the collection mirror this duality. Crafted with meticulous attention, they echo the arches, curves, and delicate ironwork of Amsterdam’s bridges. Moreover, the reflection in the canals plays an important role in the design: two rings combined to represent the bridge and its reflection in the canal, or an arched ring that does the same. When you wear one of these rings, you carry a piece of the city’s reflection with you—a tangible souvenir of the city and the memory of its beauty.

Bracelets inspired by the canals and the Amstel

Here you see the Blue Bridge bracelet, capturing the Blue Bridge over the Amstel river.



Gables of Amsterdam

Besides this, our Canals collection will bring an ode to Reguliersgracht. Many of the buildings alongside the canal have decorative gables at the top. The canal house gables come in a variety of styles and give an insight into the history of the building. Triangular gables were used in 15th-century houses. Subsequently, from 1600 onwards, the step and spout gables were introduced. Next came the neck gable, with the baroque style of Louis XIV and also the bell-gable with an asymmetrical Louis XV style. You can read more about the architecture of the gables here.

The Regal Heritage

Bonebakker’s legacy intertwines with Amsterdam’s history. The Key of Amsterdam collection pays homage to the iconic “City Key” crafted by Bonebakker’s atelier in 1806. These keys once unlocked secrets, opened gates, and symbolized trust. Today, they adorn necklaces and bracelets, a nod to the city’s past and a celebration of enduring connections.

The Royal Crown and Gemstones

In 1840, Bonebakker created the Royal Crown of the Netherlands. This majestic crown, worn during royal inaugurations, features square sapphires, oval rubies, and round emeralds. The Regalia collection echoes these gemstones, capturing their brilliance in rings, earrings, and pendants. When you wear a Regalia piece, you carry a piece of regal Amsterdam — a connection to the Dutch monarchy and the city’s grandeur.

Waalseiland Bridge Ring with Morganite - Amsterdam Canals Jewelry 18 kt yellow gold
ANNIVERSARY EARRINGS diamonds and aquamarine

Amsterdam Canal Jewelry: A Souvenir for Eternity

Amsterdam leaves an indelible mark on every visitor. The Bridges of Amsterdam collection is more than jewelry; it’s a souvenir for eternity. Whether you choose a delicate necklace, a sparkling ring, or an elegant bracelet, you carry the spirit of the canals — their reflections and their timeless beauty with you.

Bridges, Canals and Tulips: Bonebakker puts them on a pedestal

In short, if you are looking to take a souvenir from Amsterdam with you, a lasting memory of the bridges and canals of the city and a piece of history, Bonebakker Jewelers can accommodate you in every way possible. We even have a tulip collection, that makes everyone flourish!

So, next time you stroll along the Herengracht or cross the Magere Brug, remember Bonebakker’s ode to Amsterdam. Let our Amsterdam Canal jewelry be a bridge between past and present, a reflection of beauty, and a cherished souvenir from the city of dreams.

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Let each piece tell your Amsterdam story.

Amsterdam Bridges Collection