BLAUWBRUG ring Bruggen van Amsterdam weerspiegeling in diamant jubileum-editie

Bonebakker’s 230th Anniversary

ANNIVERSARY EARRINGS diamonds and aquamarine

Bonebakker’s 230th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating our 230th Anniversary and our wonderful history as one of the oldest jewelers in Europe. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Adrianus Bonebakker was successful with his beautiful silverware; pieces that can still be seen in museums. Today, we only bring jewelry, designed and made in our own studios, such as the Key of Amsterdam collection, the Regalia collection, and the Brightfall collection.

For our 230th anniversary, we have designed a Celebration Set of Bridges of Amsterdam earrings with aquamarines and baguette-cut diamonds, which shimmer as the reflection of the bridges on the Amstel and the water in the Amsterdam canals. This concept can also be found in various other extensions to the collection. An ode to Amsterdam, an ode to Bonebakker.

At the end of this month, a new ring from the Regalia Collection will also be presented and our love for Fancy Color diamonds has resulted in a beautiful collection of unique jewels, designed for and with these very rare diamonds.

bonebakker family Adriaan de Lelie 1809

1809: Adrianus Bonebakker (standing) with his family and the talented silversmith Dirk Lodewijk Bennewitz, who was his business partner. Painting by Adriaan de Lelie, 1809, Rijksmuseum.
Click here for the complete Bonebakker history timeline.

BLAUWBRUG ring anniversary edition reflection - Canals and Bridges of Amsterdam
fancy yellow diamond amsterdam
FANCY YELLOW PEARcut diamond earrings

Celebration Key of Amsterdam with orange touch

This stunning 3D Key of Amsterdam pendant reflects Bonebakker’s love of Holland. In the heart of the ‘Royal’ crown an Orange sapphire is the center of attention.
Long Live the Netherlands, long live Bonebakker!

key of Amsterdam orange sapphire gold diamonds