Bonebakker Archive Fund Raising

With a successful charity auction on June 3rd 2012 a start has been made to raise the extra funding necessary for the preservation of the Bonebakker Archive for posterity.

Facsimiles of presentation drawings and exclusive arrangements with museums and shopkeepers raised 7,900 euros. In addition, donations have also been pledged.

The Bonebakker archive spans two centuries of history of Amsterdam’s main silver and jewelry company. The archive contains a wealth of nineteenth and twentieth-century visual material illustrating all the areas in which the firm specialised, ranging from royal jewels and showpieces handcrafted for special occasions to industrially produced silverware.

Even with the proceeds of the auction, the necessary additional funding for the disclosure and preservation is not covered. The RKD calls for your generosity in helping to conserve this unique archive. All amounts are welcome and can be deposited at the following bank account: 386 76 13 10 attn. Stichting RKD mentioning ‘Donation Bonebakker Archive’. The RKD is an ANBI and donations are tax deductible in The Netherlands.

For information about the Bonebakker Archive: Irene Meyjes, project assistant silver archives, 070-3339737, and/or Anita Hopmans, Chief Curator,

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Bonebakker, Nautilus Shell