Be mine Oh tourmaline

Tourmalijn kleur

Spotlights on the one and only tourmaline this Spring. One and only? Well, strictly speaking, tourmaline is not one mineral but an umbrella group of all kinds of minerals. Tourmalines exist in all colours of the rainbow and are therefore extremely attractive to use as colour gemstones for jewellery. Moreover, this mineral is said to have a cleansing and protective effect, stimulating ‘growth and flowering’. The perfect gem for Spring-time jewellery!

The great thing is that every stone carries a bit of history. For example, within the same species, colour variations related to the way the crystals have grown may occur. This is related to the traces of chemical ingredients within the mineral. This can result in a bicolour crystal, where the colour varies in length, also known as bicolour or tricolour tourmaline, or concentric, usually in green and pink, more commonly known as watermelon tourmaline.
But in the end, it’s all about what you like. We are happy to show you our wide collection of tourmalines, so that you can make your personal choice.