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Au Revoir beautiful dinh van

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After 10 years Bonebakker is sad to say goodbye to the beautiful jewelry house of dinh van. The remaining dinh van jewelry in our collection is now available at highly reduced prices in our boutique in Amsterdam or via our webshop. Discounts go up to 30%!

Dinh van has been offering iconic collections since the 1970s; the best known is of course the Menottes collection, of which we still have a number of iconic pieces available in our store. We also offer some beautiful pieces from the current collections,  Le Cube diamond, Serrure and Maillon, for you to try, or perhaps to ‘score’ as an early Christmas gift.

French designer Jean Dinh Van was the driving force behind the jewellery brand that bears his name. Dinh’s creations are recognizable and highly wearable thanks to the beautiful geometric shapes. You will find the designer’s geometric signature in bracelets, pendants and earrings, which both men and women can wear.

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