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20th anniversary Boucheron quatre ring

Boucheron Quatre at the top for 20 years

This year, Maison Boucheron celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of its iconic creations: the Boucheron Quatre. Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, CEO of Boucheron, reflects, ‘Icons are not invented. Icons emerge over time. They get this status because they strike a chord with people!’


Boucheron Quatre: not just any ring

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What once started as a single ring – but not just any ring – has now evolved into a complete collection that encapsulates the vision of the Boucheron brand. Significantly, the Quatre collection serves as a timeless translation of Boucheron’s rich history. Mirroring the iconic four-band ring that initiated this journey, the Boucheron Quatre collection stands as a testament to luxury, craftsmanship, and style.

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Mantel-Boucheron-Quarte-ringen-model Anja-Rubik

The groundbreaking design with four styles in one ring

The design of the now 20-year-old Boucheron Quatre ring uniquely combines four different motifs in one ring, with each motif narrating its own distinct story. Initially, the ‘Double Godron’ motif symbolizes the bond between lovers, while the ‘Clou de Paris’ pays homage to the iconic cobblestones of Paris. Furthermore, each element of the Quatre ring contributes to a part of Boucheron’s larger narrative. Intriguingly, the four motifs are crafted separately and subsequently fused by hand into a singular, cohesive ring.

Pop-up Boutique in honour of 20 years of Quatre

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Boucheron Quatre as an icon, Boucheron inaugurated a pop-up boutique in Paris on February 27, exclusively showcasing this celebrated collection. This special storefront gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Quatre collection, uncovering the inspiration behind each design and experiencing the collection from a fresh perspective. A particularly striking highlight is the remarkable cloak adorned with dozens of Boucheron Quatre rings, crafted especially for this milestone. Featured in the campaign, this stunning piece is modeled by Polish sensation Anja Rubik.

Pop-Up store in Le Marais

To celebrate the ring’s 20th anniversary, Boucheron has inaugurated the QUATRE 20 pop-up store in the trendy Le Marais district of Paris. It’s the first of three other ephemeral retail spaces which will open across the planet in the next few months. The store occupies a ground floor unit of a five-storey residential structure built in 1930. The interior design of the pop-up store was created by Paris-based creative agency Aimko and it was inspired by the Quatre collection itself. Divided into separate areas, visitors can explore the identity and evolution of the collection.


The history of Maison Boucheron

Maison Boucheron’s own story begins in 1858, when Frédéric Boucheron opened his first boutique in the heart of Paris. His boutique quickly grew into a brand that has always managed to distinguish itself over the years with extraordinary designs. Maison Boucheron has made its mark on the world of luxury jewellery with an innovative design approach and outstanding craftsmanship from the finest goldsmiths. A few years after its creation, in 1893, Maison Boucheron moved to 26 Place Vendôme. This address is now known worldwide as the home of one of the top jewellery brands: a location that is synonymous with exclusivity and pure elegance.

Bonebakker Jewellers and the Boucheron Quatre Collection

At Bonebakker Jewelers, we are honored to feature the Boucheron Quatre collection, a testament to Boucheron’s esteemed heritage, mastery in craftsmanship, and distinctive style and design. Tracing our own prestigious lineage back to 1792, we find a deep resonance with these enduring values, serving as an everlasting wellspring of inspiration. We invite you to explore our Boucheron boutique within our webshop. Yet, it’s important to note that the Boucheron Quatre collection, along with other Boucheron selections available at Bonebakker, extends beyond what we can showcase online. Should you seek further details about any piece from this exquisite collection, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to provide additional images and address any inquiries you might have.

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